Already Aware

As “Pinktober” is nauseously approaching, I am so happy to see some of us breast cancer survivors tell it like it REALLY is!! Britt tells it right:

Blooms and Bubbles

Is there some box we can check when filing our taxes or punching our ballots or mailing in the census? Could we somehow alert the Universe that WE ARE ALREADY AWARE? I dare you to find a single (lucky) person remaining on the planet whose life has been entirely untouched by breast cancer. But apparently there are thousands of people who think something this wretched needs to exist for our benefit.

Look at me! I'm like, sorta bald, you know, just for today. AWARENESS! Look at me! I’m like, sorta bald, you know, just for today. AWARENESS!

I cannot tell you how badly I want to rip this off of her head. What’s next? Faux colostomy bags for Anal Cancer?

Your fundraising starter pack includes t-shirt with a detachable Velcro “bag” with realistic, watery poo! Customize your stoma to honor a loved one: “I’m diverting my colon today for Uncle Harry!”

I hope everyone would agree this would be in poor, poor taste…

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8 responses to “Already Aware

  1. Sadly, the truth is some BC patients ARE OK with this stuff–I am not one of them, as you no doubt know. It’s just that…the non-cancer patients think all BC patients are OK with this, and that is what gets me.

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    • Every year, and it’s only been one year for me, I find myself getting more and more crazy-mad at the ignorance. And I must be missing something in my cranium that other survivors have that makes them “ok” with this stuff.

      I don’t intend to start a war and I’ll just stay off of social media during the month of October so that I don’t offend anyone… maybe… maybe not. Ignorance just curdles my blood.

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      • Yeah, I go back and forth: shut down in October, or get in the fray?And I too, am missing the thing in my head that allows me to be OK with all the pink and “boobies” talk. My aunt is OK with it and it is a bit of a divide, I admit. She was diagnosed a couple of months before me. Same breast, but she was estrogen +, I wasn’t but I was HER2+, and so many differences. So, I just try to keep an open mind. But is a huge a struggle for me.

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  2. You shame me! I didn’t know there was anything about October. I have breast cancer. I give myself a crewcut twice a year because I like it, and don’t otherwise bother with my hair at all. But I still have hair, sorta. Oh I hope people won’t take this the wrong way. I hesitated because my dm is in a couple of weeks and I didn’t want the hospital to think I was being presumptuous, especially since I’m not going to have chemo. A crewcut is just my way. I’m 64yo. Strangers stop me with advice on baldness. But I would have left my hair alone if I thought another woman with cancer would think there was any symbolism involved!

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    • I had shoulder-length hair and I used to dye it blonde before breast cancer, but I cut it off, really, really short, like a boy-hair-cut, just in case I might need chemo.

      Like you, I luckily didn’t need chemo, but I kept the short hairdo and let my blonde hair fall to the floor as it was replaced with snow-white hair – hey, at least it’s hair, right? And short, white hair requires little maintenance and I actually like how it looks! It would look better if I lost a bunch of weight, but…

      Anyway, my family loses hair color starting in their late 30’s.

      I also did not intend to offend anyone, I just needed to share what I think is a brilliant expression of how so many of us do feel. For the rest, gear up with all the pink you can get hold of, it’ll be here before you know it.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. And, no shame on you or anyone! 😀


  3. Chemo doesn’t just make you bald. It renders you hairless and toenail-less and finernail-less. Eyebrows disappear and eyelashes are non-existent. It makes you so damned odd looking. That was a wee bit off topic so I apologize. But all that “save the tatas” noise from every corner of the globe including the NFL has a kind of hollowness to it that is unsettling. OK, I’m gonna put my soapbox away now.

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    • No apologies necessary, that fit right into the point of my rant and sharing this article. Breast cancer is a serious disease, as are the treatments.

      I understand that “pink” was a good, easily identifiable attraction-getter and it worked as it associated with a female problem (but it also affects and kills men, that’s another rant…) But, it’s gotten out of hand and I actually feel sorry for the people who buy anything that claims to be donating to the “cure.” Heck, some products don’t even make those claims anymore!

      If a lady at Walmart sees a pink lanyard stamped with pink ribbons, buys it and wears it proudly, feeling as if her purchase has somehow helped with the cure, bless her heart. BUT, the reality is that her hard-earned cash is being spent to line the pockets of band-wagoneers. Her dollars, no matter how much or how little, would be more likely to help find a cure by donating them at a University Medical Hospital that has a Breast Cancer Research Department because THAT is where the cure will be found.

      Agh, I need to quiet down and get ready for a CT Scan this morning for abdominal problems. Thanks so much for commenting Julia!! 😀 Hope that little kitty is developing a fun personality!


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