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Imagine… A Daredevil Weekend

365 Days of Writing Prompts – Imagine all the People:
The next time you’re in a public place — a coffeehouse, a park, a store — observe the people around you. Pick a person, a couple, or a group, and imagine what their lives might be like.

crazyMan1It did not take long to hone in on the one person who would fit today’s prompt. There he was, plain as day, standing happily in the checkout aisle dressed as… I really do not know as what he was dressed.

Now, to imagine what his life might be like…

Just yesterday, Tom, our main character, was closing a multi-million dollar deal with his favorite clients in Hong Kong, a favorite place to conduct business.

After a week of negotiation, the deal was sealed and Tom welcomed a good night’s sleep in preparation for his flight out the next morning. All seemed in order as he boarded his flight to Chicago, the last stop of a multi-location business trip. Except Tom’s business in Chicago was not corporate oriented, it was more of the “funny business” sort.

clubQuarters2At O’Hare’s luggage claim, Tom quickly grabbed his bags from the carousel and exited to the rental car kiosks. A short time later, he was checked in at his favorite downtown hotel, the Club Quarters. 

After a hot shower and a five-star dinner, Tom was ready for some fun and headed down to the jazz bar where he planned to meet four college buddies.

ClubJazzBarSeveral hours raced by as the friends laughed, drank and laughed some more. At one point though, things became a bit serious as they appeared to be drawing straws. When Tom drew the short one a large plastic bag filled with unknown items was handed to him. The boisterous men laughed uncontrollably, even banged the table in hysteria.

Tom shook his head in disbelief as he peered into the bag, ordered another drink, a double, downed it then headed off to his room.

The next morning, Tom dressed in the outrageous gag clothes. He walked through the hotel hallway to the empty elevator which filled up a little more with each descending floor. The groups of people tried to stifle their snickers until one poor soul could hold his laughter no more and blurted out a huge, wet, guffaw.

By the time the elevator stopped at the lobby, Tom’s face was burning red, yet, he continued onward, out of the lobby and onto Wacker Drive. His challenge was nearly finished as he saw the Marina Towers where he would do his one-man song and dance routine to the 1939 hit by Kay Kyser, Three Little Fishies.

As with any bad decision or uncomfortable event, time passed slowly for Tom until he finished the last chord of the song, twirled a celebratory pirouette then jumped into an approaching stretch limousine.

“I can’t believe you did it, dude!” One of the buddies from the night before declared in amazement. The other three men were digging cash out of their pockets, handing the hundred dollar bills over to Tom whose pride was quickly recovering with the extra cash and knowing the rest of this daredevil weekend would be all-expenses paid for him. The reward would be well worth it!