Memorial Weekend Catastrophe Timeline

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Around 1:00 p.m., I heard water running, as though a bathtub were being filled.  Knowing that I had not turned on the bath, nor running the dishwasher or laundry, I moved from the computer room toward the main part of our home.  To my horror, I saw the kitchen ceiling “raining”.  Immediately, I ran to the garage to turn off the water pump and main water line.

I phoned my husband to report the problem.  He told me to phone our insurance agent, Ray Richardson of Farmer’s Insurance.  I spoke with Ray’s secretary, Andrea, who asked me if we wanted to file a claim.  I told her, “yes”.

Returning to the home interior, I took a closer notice of the water pouring from the hallway ceiling; the smoke alarm was still pouring water.  I was afraid of being electrocuted, so I did not attempt to remove the light in the hallway to see if its globe was filled with water.  I put duct tape on the power switch to prevent anyone from turning on the light fixture until an electrician can check things out.

Water was sloshing beneath my feet in the interior hallway entry (from the garage).  I opened the laundry room door (adjacent to the hallway) to retrieve towels and a mop to begin cleaning up the water.  The laundry room floor was filled with water, as much as was in the kitchen.

Between mopping and soaking up the water, squeezing out saturated towels, carrying soaked towels to the patio, spin drying them in the washer and drying them in the dryer to re-use, I believe at some point, I was contacted by Service Master who would be out the next day to assess the situation.

These are the initial photographs taken the morning after, before Service Master arrived:

Soaked carpeting between kitchen and dining room.

Built-in pantry was water-logged. Notice containers on uppermost shelf, full of contaminated water. The entire pantry was soaked, including the drawers beneath the cabinet shelving.

3rd shelf in pantry, bowls full of water.

Hallway where it was raining through the ceiling. Service Master is saying there is no need to replace the entire ceiling, only up to ½ way of the light fixture.

Entry way between hallway and living room. Was still soaked after sponging with many, many towels.

Trail of water path as I dragged wet toweling onto the back patio.

Water soaked carpeting in living room, where the couch resided, at the wall between living room and kitchen.

Fans after being placed by Service Master.

Kitchen ceiling where water was POURING through those two light fixtures. Notice the ceiling bulge at the light closest to the pantry and doorway.

Next morning, 5/27/17, ceiling bulge has turned into a large sag, with cracking. Service Master was phoned; representative came out and told us to call him if it were to fall before they were going to remove the damaged drywall.

An hour later, after Service Master Representative visited, the ceiling fell down. A call was placed to the representative who said he would have a crew on the way. Some time later, he phoned to explain that the first technician he was going to send had a family emergency, another crew was on their way.

A closer look at the felled ceiling.

The mess from the felled ceiling onto the kitchen floor.

Four hours after calling Service Master and no technician showing up, my husband and I screwed plywood on the ceiling hole and cleaned up the drywall and insulation mess (3 lawn bags full) that was upon the kitchen floor.

Furniture Medic begins removing cabinetry so that Service Master can remove the wall to the left of the stove, adjacent to the pantry.

Furniture Medics removing pantry interior…

3 responses to “Memorial Weekend Catastrophe Timeline

  1. What a mess! We’ve had floods and it’s good your insurance will help. it’s a big deal to get the dampness out of the house.

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  2. Wasn’t certain about “liking” this post!!! What a mess!!! I hope things have gotten better since you posted,

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  3. And there I was, complaining about the grass snips the kids tracked in.

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