Daily Archives: September 29, 2014

Wish Us Good Luck Please

Nervous energy today. Hubby is going in for an arteriogram of his left leg tomorrow. The Heart Hospital is one and a half hours from our home and although he can drive us to the hospital, I will have to drive us back and if you know me, from this blog, you know I am a CHICKEN DRIVER!! But, I have no choice. I HAVE TO drive us home.

household-chores1329328411075I’m nervous and the best way I cope with nervousness is cleaning house, and boy, this one needed it. I haven’t been keeping it as clean as I normally do because I’m so tired of keeping up with the sickness around here – the dogs, my husband and my self. I’ve scrubbed the bathrooms, vacuumed, washed floors and am going to cook stuffed peppers for dinner. I have not dusted, there just won’t be enough time in the day. I hate dusting, I would rather scrub toilets than dust. Kind of like I would rather hand wash dishes than hand dry them.

This is all nervous energy tapping away at my keyboard. I guess I’m just asking for good vibrations tomorrow. We could sure use them.

Here I come green peppers, and maybe, just maybe there might be enough time to get the dusting done too.

Wish us luck!