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Weekly Photo Challenge – Nighttime Camping

Daily Post: Weekly Photo Challenge – Nighttime

This is a very old photograph from a camping trip near Niagara Falls, Canada. It was definitely nighttime and in rural areas, the black of a cloudy night is like pitch!


Shot w/ Canon AE1 – Slide film, unsure what lens… I had a macro lens that I loved and would have married if I could! ūüėČ


Cancer is Not Pink!

When I started this blog upon learning I had breast cancer, the sole intent was to keep track of important information, like appointments, tests, treatments and my feelings Рin one easily accessible place. Rather than having to search through hard copies, which I still keep, digitized information is so much quicker to reference if I need to remember when or why something changed.

Actor1Blogging¬†has also given me a platform where I can rant, cry, rave and simply ramble about things that have nothing to do with cancer – those things that are part of¬†“living,” everyday life which sometimes takes the lesser, supporting role when cancer shows up to play the leading role.

I decided my first step was to pick a name for my blog. I wanted something that was easy to remember but¬†made an on-topic point. I made a hand-written list of names I thought might work. “I Hate Pink,” was a first thought for a catchy name, but after googling “I Hate Pink” and finding Ann Silberman’s incredible, But Doctor, I Hate Pink,¬† blog, I needed to cross that name off my list. I continued scribbling names on scraps of paper if a catchy name flashed through my mind. Yet Google was proving that every “good” name had already been taken.

I ended up going back to my first thought, the “I Hate Pink” one because first thoughts are¬†usually the best – it said everything I was feeling! I decided to analyze deeper. So, I did.

I reflected upon what I was trying to convey and how everything I searched, related to breast cancer, is pink. Poor pink. It was such a fair, pretty color, until it turned into a death shroud of sorts, forever to be linked with a killer disease. Its new meaning is easily recognizable because of all the hype and damn band-wagoning… poor pink. And then…

CancerIsNotPinkCape1BLUE! A shrieking blue lightening bolt shot through my thoughts, clearing all of my muddle until there, wearing a pink cape, were the words, the simple truth – CANCER IS NOT PINK! “Hell yes! That’s it!” But, I needed to be certain that cancer was indeed, NOT PINK! And my search began…


©Wikipedia Mastectomy specimen containing a very large cancer of the breast (in this case, an invasive ductal carcinoma).

I am only going to post two images of what actual breast cancer looks like because it’s not pretty and it’s not pink.

I understand where the pink got started, with the pink ribbon and Susan G. Komen and it was all for a purposeful cause and well intended to remind women to check their breasts, get checked, get mammograms. And, it worked! Women got the message and have been getting checked and diagnosed.


Slide 150. Gross specimen of invasive breast cancer. The arrow points to the infiltrating edge.

Since then, however, everyone and their pet gorillas are still throwing pink at us! There are charlatans out there! Buying “pink” doesn’t cure breast cancer, it lines pockets of frauds with plenty of GREEN! And GREEN is what will foster the¬†cure for breast cancer by donating to reputable Cancer Research Facilities! A good place to start is at your State¬†Universities. Check into their Medical Department, do they have a Breast Cancer Research Program? Do your homework.¬†

Many people feel they are helping by wearing pink products, the more junk they buy, the more committed they are to the cause, but that’s wrong! The $100 they spent on candles, pins, chains, shirts, caps… could have gone toward equipment and made a REAL difference in someone’s future. The Pink Awareness campaign is¬†senescent, women ARE aware. Now, let’s find a cure.