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Speech! Speech! Speech!

The whole reason I started my blog was to keep track of my experiences, appointments, procedures, feelings and to be part of a community of outstanding women who were also diagnosed with breast cancer.

Jenny’s story, and her telling of it, is the perfect depiction of what we go through. I’m still in tears for her eloquence.

My Story

I always imagined I would hear a strong chant from a crowd..”Speech, Speech, Speech, Speech!” …but my first real true-biz speech in front of 300+ people happened a lot differently than that.

I was approached by a guy I went to High School with a few months ago. He is a recovering drug, and alcohol addict. He now spends his life helping others with their addictions. He is truly a success story. As he explains, every single day is a struggle. So, he reached out to five people who have personally touched him and asked them to present a speech to at least 100 or so folks. 

Not thinking clearly, I agreed to it. Then, as the time went by, I started regretting my decision. Although I feel comfortable in front of a computer, I didn’t think I would feel comfortable saying works like “cancer” “death” and “boobs” in front of a crowd. 

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