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Friday Fictioneers – She Hired a Wino


That was it. She swore last time would be the last time. Now, the plan she had for years was in motion, he would be out of town for a week. She kissed him good-bye and he unsuspectingly drove away for his camping trip with the “boys.”

A short while later, a U-Haul backed up into the driveway and her friends started loading up anything worthwhile from the house. At the halfway point, another U-Haul pulled up, other friends began unloading their truck and filling the house.

She finally did it. She finally…

Hired a wino to decorate the house.

——————– 100 words ————————————
The photo inspired me to recall this song from the 80’s which I thought was so funny, I’m Gonna Hire a Wino to Decorate Our Home.






Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge – The Color Blue

Here is my offering for Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge – The Color Blue

Neither of these photos are very good, but, in this first one, it was taken a few years ago after wild fires devastated so many neighborhoods. Not much blue in the picture, but, the tractor is!



This next one is really stretching it for this topic, I had to add it though because I love the look on my crazy cat’s face! She’s such a fun nut!