More than a Ghostwriter

It has been nearly a year since I last wrote here, not for lack of want, but busyness.

The reparations after our ceiling flood are still ongoing. The vaulted living room ceiling is finally ‘popcorn-free’, but further work had been delayed after falling off the ladder, and medical issues with my husband and myself have been time consuming.

I ended up in the hospital with Type A Flu over Valentine’s Day this year. That was very frightening! I don’t think I ever truly had the flu in my life if that episode is what flu really feels like. It hit FAST!

On the Sunday prior to hospitalization, I did all of my weekend, household chores, and just as I was preparing to eat dinner, it hit me! Inexplicable, sudden, severe exhaustion overcame me and I headed for the bed. Shivering ensued, I had a fever – that quickly! Vomiting and diarrhea followed. Trying to stay hydrated was an exhaustive, useless effort as anything I consumed was regurgitated within seconds.

By day three of my illness, I was able to visit our family physician. I was tested for the flu and it was confirmed, ‘Type A’. The doctor told me that I looked TERRIBLE! No kidding!

At the hospital, I was immediately hooked up to an IV with restorative fluids, magnesium, and given an anti-nausea drug. Half-way through my second day at the hospital, I was released and went home where I continued with bed rest for another full week. I vowed that from that point onward, I would get an annual flu shot.

I also ended up seeing an orthopedic surgeon for ungodly shoulder pain. The MRI showed a raveled rotator cuff. I was instructed to take it easy and not fall again because surgery would not be to merely fix the rotator cuff but replace my shoulder! Yes, besides the MRI confirming rotator cuff damage, the ball and socket part of my shoulder are really, really, really in bad shape. DAMN! But, as long as I can live with the pain, and go in to the doctor for an injection if the pain becomes too severe, I should be okay.

Other than medical maladies, I have been keeping busy with ghostwriting. I do not like ghostwriting. I do not like writing an article and someone else can claim it as their own work, but that is what is required when one is a freelance ghostwriter.

So, now I am researching other avenues where I can actually build a portfolio with articles I have written and have not sold for full rights.

I hope to be back soon to chronicle this next chapter of my life as I delve into a more-than-a-ghostwriter adventure.

2 responses to “More than a Ghostwriter

  1. Who would dream so much could get. in the way of good writing? At least you are able to tell about it now.

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    • Thanks, Beth. The writing is going slowly, but I have one micro-fiction being published in an anthology. No pay, but it’s a start to build my pen name and portfolio. Of course at this rate, I’d better live to be 200 years old! HA!

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. 🙂

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