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I have been unmotivated to write on my blog for quite a long while.  This neglect has had consequences on my spiritual and mental well-being as well as the state of my blog, poor blog…  

So, today, I am making a giant step forward in my attitude adjustment, choosing to begin with catching up on my blogging friends’ blogs.  I don’t know how far along I will get with visiting everyone, but, at visit number two, I was so impressed with what “Cancer Curmudgeon” had to say to persons who say stupid things to cancer patients, , that I decided her words are a great motto.

And mottoes are best remembered if they are posted upon meaningful photographs.  So, I took it upon myself to “posterize” Curmudgeon’s motto, but, the best part of the motto, is what drove Curmudgeon to create it, read for yourself here.


26 responses to “Curmudgeon’s Motto…

  1. Just to say hello and welcome back 🙂


  2. That was good. I needed that. Good to have you back. Been missing you.


  3. Ha ha, thanks for this! I think in one post I said that cancer’s motto is shit happens, and I’m sure I’ve said a few other snarky things too. Perhaps I should think or try harder with such quips, and put them on t-shirts, as a relief from all the save the ta-ta type slogans that I really dislike. The funny thing is I had started a post about these ideas, and discarded. I’ll revisit it I think.
    Thanks again for the link!


  4. The sun came up and Swoozie is back to her blogging ways. All is right in my world again!


  5. I’ve neglected my blog for awhile now, too. It’s like I’m stuck in a rut. I WANT to blog, but can’t seem to actually do it. I know I will enjoy it, I always do… ugh, why does this happen?


    • I wish that I knew! I don’t know what comes first, depression or not writing… But, it’s helping me to check in with my blogging buddies, this is truly lifting my spirit!

      Maybe just start pounding away, write about the rut, you might be amazed at what you discover as your writing lifts you out of that rut! :::HUGS::: 🙂


  6. Swoos-meister, I find that I swing between just two emotions: anger and fear. I have become a 2-dimensional person and I am on my own nerves as a result. I have’t blogged much either – fighting nausea, perpetually sleepy, and just generally cranky as hell. So i will resort to that which is know so well – sports cliches! Maybe this is just the end of the first quarter and I played pretty crappy and find myself way behind my opponent. But – and this is a big BUT (I do have a pretty big butt, in case anyone wanted to know) – I played lots and lots and lots of sports my entire life. Falling behind in the first quarter is mildly troubling but not insurmountable. So I will take a seat on the bench, make some adjustments, and get after it in the second quarter. Maybe I will draw even by halftime, maybe I won’t. But I won’t quit. If I Iose, I will lose fighting. I hope you fight on as well.


    • We’re in good company and not alone with our emotions, that’s certain. Your sports analogy seems fitting, at least I think so, heck, even if it’s a game that I’m anxious to see, I usually don’t bother watching until after half time, unless it’s the Super Bowl.

      So, with first quarter down, you’re still in the game and fighting the good fight. Personally, I think it’s ok to write about feeling down and out because that’s the reality of life, especially for cancer patients and it brings deeper meaning to the elation of the winning article!


  7. I’ve been struggling with the damn depressing thing. In and out since July since the big surgery. It sucks, I get it! If another person says be happy it’s almost over I’m gonna slap them. No one gets it unless they have been through what we have. I try to be as positive as I can but I have a feeling it has to due with some of the pain meds I’m on. I recently started walking and it helped! Glad your blogging again 🙂


    • Come to think of it, I have probably been dealing with depression since I was first diagnosed with breast cancer! Trying to be strong and “upbeat” isn’t for my own good but more for those around me who applaud how “upbeat” I am. Where’s my Oscar??? 😉


      • After the first diagnoses which was followed by the second in the other breast, I fell into a pit. It took me more than a year of working at it … by which I mean using every trick I ever learned to get myself out of that blackness and into some light. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. It happened eventually — and I managed to get through it without dragging everyone I knew down there with me (THAT was a miracle). I wonder if everyone goes through it? It seems typical but no one much talks about it.


      • Lol I know they should be handing them out to us!


  8. Other note: I think it was in the middle of The Depression when I started this blog. Writing is therapy for me. I was already taking plenty of drugs and they weren’t helping much. All they did is make me sleepy or stupid. But writing, getting out with the camera and taking pictures really helped. Writing has always helped me.

    Moreover, we all learn fast that even those who love us have a limit to how much of our gloom they want to hear … a few hours, pretty much. After that, you can see them wriggling with the desire to run away.

    The first 6 months were hideous. I couldn’t even remember being happy about anything ever.


  9. Thanks so much, Marilyn, for sharing your insights. I too have always found writing to be therapeutic, but recently have avoided writing during this most recent slump because I was afraid of all the truths that would come out and I didn’t want to sound like a big cry baby.

    I love how you incorporate photographs into your blog and I think that I am going to backtrack through December with some photographs which I have been digitizing from negative films. This digitizing of negatives has been fueling my depression as I cried for these days gone past. Facing the truth and moving on will help… and even writing my feelings about these photos too. Then, I think I can let that phase of my life go away.


    • Much as we mourn what was, there’s no choice but to move on. Life goes forward whether we want it to or not and being dragged, screaming and kicking is so undignified 🙂 None of us will be the same and it’s hard to find what and who it be, especially because we have more questions than answers about the future. I try very hard to live as much as possible in the now. The past is depressing and the future frightening. The present is scary enough. Maybe that’s why I read so much fantasy and stuff based in other realities.


      • I love fantasies and other-worldly stuff as well, my favorite genres are always stories that are not limited to our 3rd dimension, limited lives.

        Thanks for the advice about leaving the past in the past. 🙂


  10. I went to Curmudgeon’s blog, and told her it was via yours. I liked what she said. People can be annoying, but I don’t think they mean to be, they just don’t kow what to say because they haven’t been there. Blogs like yours and Curmudgeons will change that.


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