Daily Archives: January 29, 2014

Now is the Time

Writing Taunts – Write Here, Write Now

MusicAir1Rachmaninoff vibrations float through the chilly morning air while I sip on a steaming cup of Jo and catch up on email. The furnace gently pushes warmed air through the vent above my desk and it feels good. Even though I love the cold outdoors, I like my home to be comfortably warm and inviting.

OpieWindowI hear my cat making squirrelly, chirping noises as she sits upon her cushion in the window, covered with a heavy knitted blanket. She is quite comfortable as she daydreams about hunting in the wild like her ancestors, or even her mother did. Her vocals now alert me that another squirrel has crossed her visual path. I wait for the more excited clicking and clacking sounds she makes upon viewing a crow who approaches.

Switching my gaze toward the kitchen, through my office doorway, through the hallway, through the dining room, I notice a large shadow cast upon the dining room table. This alerts me that someone is approaching the front door. The doorbell rings, the dogs bark, the cat is spooked and charges for cover under the bed. I now leave this post as I go to answer the door. I wonder, who could it be?