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Sleep Study Tonight


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Sleep study test tonight.

Oh joy, oh joy!


Lunch Posts

From The Daily Post: For this week’s writing challenge, take a cue from O’Hara and write a short(er) post during your lunch hour. During this limited period of time, take a look at your surroundings and document what you see.

Lunch Posts: These are but a handful of actual events occuring around lunchtime, on a daily basis while working as Finance Manager for …


My stomach growls, “STOP counting and E-A-T, it’s lunch time!”
My mind argues “NO! I have to find this dollar to balance the cash account first!”
My nose wriggles, “Someone is cooking in the other room, yummmmm..”
My ears join in solidarity with its neighbor, the nose, “I just heard the microwave timer ring, WARM FOOD!”


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I surrender, whip off my reading glasses, and charge to the lunchroom next door. It will be alright, my mind will still be working on finding that missing dollar no matter where my body is.

Payroll is almost ready to print, this is the earliest I have ever been able to process it.
I can hardly believe that everyone has their time sheets in!
Uhoh, through the glass door past my patio, I see trouble coming my way. The Administrator and one of the teachers are heading to my office. This cannot be good. I think they have seen me; it’s too late to run out my back door to lunch. My stomach roars, “Damn!”

UNDEPOSITED_CHECKS2“Hi Susan, Tina has a problem, she forgot to deposit all of her paychecks going back six months, can you help her?”

My mind screams inwardly, “D-A-A-A-A-M-M-M-M-N-N-N IT!”

My mouth sounds out, “Oh, of course I can help her.”

“Betty, send any calls to my voice mail. I’m going to lunch.”
As I retrieve my lunch from the fridge my nose inhales the scents of fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, avocadoes, sprouts and hummus, sending these scent-memories to my brain and my mouth begins to water. It’s lunchtime!

The other administrative staff and department heads are out of the office at a District meeting; I did not have to attend. Great! No interruptions during my lunch!


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No phone calls. Lunch tastes better with each bite; the tunes from the classical radio station fill my brain with waves of comfort and relaxation. The wildlife outside my patio windows thrive, scurry, soar and slither past my office.

Sometimes, lunchtime is actually used for lunch and enjoyment!

Staff meeting in the Activities Complex, 12:00 Noon, lunch will be served. I’ll sit next to Mark; we always have such fun at these boring meetings.

Mark was seated opposite me at the massive table. Oh no!
Avoid eye contact with Mark at all cost!

Someone is talking, my eyes accidentally glance in Mark’s direction, and he mouths something funny to me, uses one hand to shield the other as he points to something. I try stifling my laughter, only to blurt out a BAHA/SNORT type of sound.

Can I slide down and under the table? Will that help?

All eyes upon me, I pretend having a coughing spell and wave for the meeting to continue as I walk toward the kitchen for a glass of water to quell my discomfort.

Note to self: Never sit across from Mark at ANY staff functions!


Anna quit today, stormed out of Tara’s office.
Tara, our Administrator drilled me, “What’s wrong with Anna?”
Richard, COO, shook his head in typical disapproving fashion of Anna’s behavior.

My thoughts race, When did I become Staff Counselor? Aren’t you people hungry? Why don’t you leave me alone so I can have my lunch?

After a solid half hour of Tara’s ranting, Richard motions at her to leave through my glass door. He follows. He is hungry.

They’ll go to lunch together, let’s see, today is Friday, that is typically a receipt from The Cheesecake Factory for their lunch date either there or Michael’s Italian across the highway.

For me, my mouth-watering salad is calling my name from the fridge in the next room. Time for lunch!

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