Daily Archives: January 28, 2014

It’s a New Day

Today I went for my physical therapy evaluation and treatment plan creation.  I really liked my therapist and quickly decided that I would yes, use possessive adjectives  such as “MY” to preclude her title of ‘therapist.’  She is the one who will guide me as I transform from this out-of-shape, overweight body into someone who will be much healthier and leaner.

PhysTherMeasureAs she read through my X-ray report, she reminded me that I do have a ‘slight’ scoliosis, “…curvature of the spine…” she explained and I nodded my head that I already knew this information.  She began her hands-on assessment as she told me to move this way, bend that way, twist while doing this, pull your leg like this, … all the while taking measurements with the  special measuring tool.  She commented several times, “You are very flexible!”  I interpreted that as a good thing.

When she was finished with her assessment, she reviewed with me what her plan was – through exercise, traction and the ultrasound deep-tissue massage, we would strengthen my core which would help to alleviate my back pain.  She ran through the exercises with me that I would be doing at home, making sure I understood how to do them and then she instructed me to lie down on the table while she went to call the ultrasound tech.

Ultrasound MachineThe ultrasound deep-tissue massage lasted about fifteen minutes and then it was time for me to leave.  I met with my therapist once more as I approached the front desk and she handed a sheet of paper to me with the exercises I am to do twice a day at home, the same exercises she practiced with me. She also told me that I would be coming to therapy three times a week and we proceeded to schedule my next two appointments – Thursday and Friday of this week.

After becoming settled back at home with the dogs and preparing a healthy snack for my husband when he arrives from work, I began searching Amazon and Walmart for exercise bikes. I decided on one from Walmart, it was the highest rated among consumers and within my price range. It also would accommodate my husband’s big frame, six foot four inches tall and 275 pounds, we both can use it. It will be here by next Thursday. I am so excited!

For now, tonight, my body is very sore, but, I am going to clean up the kitchen then lie on the living room floor and do my exercises while listening to the State of the Union address, afterward, I am going to re-read the book, “Body for Life” which my therapist highly recommended for beating the weight problem.

Breast Cancer was an opponent I overcame. I will prevail and win this struggle with my excess weight! I will, I will, I will!