Bad, Bad, Bad Medical Staff

* * * UPDATE * * *
I am changing my review ranking regarding Dr. David B. Mallory. Since first publishing this original post and giving a bad review on Google+, Dr. Mallory has contacted me, assuring that his staff has been notified of their egregious behavior. The following (in red) is a copy of my updated review on Google+.

“There was a situation with Dr. David B. Mallory’s office staff which was handled poorly, resulting in my not being able to see him at my appointment.
Dr. Mallory phoned me personally to apologize for the debacle and assured me that he discussed with staff better ways to handle the situation which led to my not being able to see him.
For a surgeon of Dr. Mallory’s caliber to directly act upon a patient’s dissatisfaction restores my faith in his character. I never doubted his ability as a surgeon and I can now, highly recommend his character.”

[My appointment was Friday, November 7, 2014 for a cataract evaluation and to set up a surgery date and post-op visits. We arrived one-half hour early for my appointment. The rest is the debacle of Dr. David B. Mallory’s office staff…]

* * * MY ORIGINAL POST * * * In the past year, I was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer, had bilateral mastectomy surgery with immediate reconstruction, surgery for a macular hole and the cataract which followed as well as an epidural steroid injection for a severe lumbar problem. I have met a plethora of medical marvels as well as nightmare staff, none, however, were as incompetent, unfriendly and downright ignorant as the staff of Dr. David B. Mallory.

In fact, while waiting in the hallway outside the restrooms (thoughtful location by the way) his staff member (short stature, long black hair, slender) was approaching in my direction. I stood, approached her, spoke, “Excuse me Miss.”

She kept walking. “Excuse me Miss, ahem.” I raised my voice a little in case she had a hearing problem, her pace increased as though she were running from me.

Finally, I said, in my voice-volume right next to shouting, “Hello Ma’am!” She continued to ignore me and turned the corner into an adjoining hall.

I looked at my husband and said, “Let’s get out of here. If this doctor’s staff is so unprofessional and discourteous, he has to be just as bad! Staff are a reflection of the doctor! Besides, it’s been over an hour that we’ve been waiting here by the toilets. How many people have we watched get called into rooms ahead of me? No one stopped to ask if we were ok, or our name, wondering if maybe my file was lost.

“Hell no! This waiting time must be their norm. Heck, look at that crazy-voiced lady, that guy dressed in black showed her into that room and told her he’d be right back. That was forty-five minutes ago, so what the hell? We’ve already waited over an hour, tack another on to that for whatever the f**k testing they’re going to do and another hour onto that for sitting in a room waiting for the black-dressed guy to do whatever he does and I still won’t have seen the doctor after THREE DAMN HOURS! You are losing time off from your work! Fu** no, we’re leaving!”

We started toward the hall where the black-haired girl had turned. Lo and behold, there she was, chatting with two other staff girls. This time, I said, “Excuse me,” and they un-huddled to let me pass through. The office manager asked something.

My husband answered, “We’re leaving.”

I blurted out, “It is going to be TWO hours before I get to see the doctor!”

The office manager, who is so on the ball, the clock on her office desk is still one hour ahead of daylight savings time asked, “Would you like to re-schedule?”

“No!” I proclaimed as I was reaching the front door.

Office Manager’s interest was peaked by this point, “Where will you go?”

I looked back at her in disbelief, “Somewhere else!”

The doctor may be talented, but, again, no matter how magical his brain or hands, if his staff are losers, it is a reflection upon how he values his patients. For this guy to have a staff member outright IGNORE a patient, it is unforgivable!




28 responses to “Bad, Bad, Bad Medical Staff

  1. Good for you. Now, hopefully, you’ll find a better doctor!

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  2. Good for you! I’d probably not have the courage to actually leave. I would make sure my wheel squeaked loud enough to get some grease, though…

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    • Oh yes. I am rating him everywhere I can online. More than anything, the doctor needs to know how BAD the experience is to try to see him!! But, as I said, maybe he just doesn’t care. Oh well, my eyes are now in the hands of my previous surgeon.
      Thanks for commenting, Debi. Hope you are doing well!


  3. Waaaaaayyyyy too common these days. I’m amazed she wasn’t checking her Facebook. I’ve done just what you did after waiting an hour and a half for a gyn exam. They had the nerve to call me and ask me why I’d left. I said, “You noticed?” She said, “You messed up the doctor’s appointments.”

    Last spring, at the end of one of my classes, I was locking up as I was required to do. There was a lot of theft at the school and the rule was we locked up after every class UNLESS the teacher for the next class was there. That right there sometimes resulted in the next teacher walking in during my class, but that’s another thing… So, a girl walks in right past me, 9 inches away. I say, “Excuse me. You have to wait outside. I’m sorry.” She keeps walking. I notice she’s wearing earphones. I say, more loudly, “I’m sorry, but you have to wait outside until your teacher gets here.” She kept walking. I tapped her shoulder and yelled, “GET OUT!” She pulls out her earphones and says, in my face, “Earphones, GET IT? Technology? You know, TECH-NOL-OGY? You didn’t have to be rude.” I said, “I’ve asked you three times, the first two very politely. You walked RIGHT PAST me without seeing me. Now get out.”

    I dunno… You’re going to have to Yelp them and Google rate and godnose what else to get their attention. But when it comes time for us to pay them, they’re wide awake.

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    • I wondered whether or not she had ear buds in, I know she wasn’t on a bluetooth, she was NOT doing “work”. And yes, I’ve been busy with ratings this morning. This still makes my blood boil. Yet, I still think the doctor needs to pay more attention to what’s going on – either that or retire if he’s too old to notice or care.

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      • You might want to write him an old school letter. It’s so discouraging but it’s necessary to fight it. Our lives could be at stake. Hang in there.

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        • I have thought about doing that, but, typically the office manager or other clerk would read the mail, even if it is marked “confidential.”

          When I wrote about a bad office staff experience with Integris Heart Hospital, here, on my blog, they PHONED ME! There must have been five different management persons who called to apologize,asked more about the situation and PROMISED to make changes. They are a class act!

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          • Wow! I hope something like that happens and you end up getting a good eye exam with him — if he is really a good doctor — or someone better.

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            • Thanks Martha, but I wouldn’t let him touch my eyes after this, I truly believe the office staff are a reflection of the provider. I’ve got an appointment with the surgeon who did my other eye. He did a good job – his staff is serious and pays attention. But, I will continue to rate this doctor because I think it’s important for other potential patients to KNOW with what they will be dealing when it comes to incompetent staff.
              Thanks so much for your input! C’ya tomorrow! 😀


              • I agree — my former doctor’s staff tried to sell me AMWAY as they took my blood. The doctor? Threw asthma meds at me for two years, never recommended a specialist, and when I showed up with a sinus infection (a week after my regular appointment) actually said, “Why are you here?” I said, “I’m sick.” She took that like it was an affront. She should have recommended a specialist but didn’t. I found one on my own. Ten minutes with him and he’d identified a dangerous skin cancer in plain view on my cheek, referred me to an allergist, and gave me a cocktail of meds that cleared up the sinus infection and made it possible for me to smell and taste things again. The allergist uncovered the cause (a freaky condition called “Triad Asthma”) — you’re right. If the doctor were on the ball, the staff would be, too.

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  4. I so wish you lived closer and could use the wonderful doctors that treated me. They were not only on time but the staff, assistants and doctors were all courteous and caring.
    Just remember, things always happen for a reason. If the staff and office manager were that way, the doctor had to be three times worse. (Trickle down effect).
    I pray you find a new competent doctor soon!

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    • You know what? I made an appointment with the surgeon who did my other cataract, I complained about being shoved through the system like cattle, but, in retrospect, it worked! I was fine.
      And IF I had a question, staff would answer it. I didn’t know how good I had it! 😀
      Thanks for stopping by again and especially for leaving a comment! 😀


  5. Wow!!! That is terrible!! I sure pray you can find a much better doctor and staff then what you experienced Friday. My niece’s doctor is so supportive, there has to one out there for you. I am still shaking my head in disbelief that something so important and compassionate necessary can fall into such incompetent and cold human beings hands as the ones you ran into :-(!! If it angers and frustrates me to this degree I can only imagine what you are feeling!! Hang in there…. and God bless, I will pray for you!!!

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    • I actually think that God was looking out for me and caused me to leave, I might have lost an eyeball with this guy!
      Oh, and I did make an appointment with the surgeon who did my 1st cataract – I wasn’t so sure about him because everything ran so mechanically, smoothly, there were no flaws. I was disappointed with not being “pampered”, which was stupid on my part. I was CARED FOR and my surgery was a success.
      So, I thank God for this debacle, and the chance to perhaps alert anyone else who might be thinking about visiting this guy’s office. He might be brilliant, but, then again, I still believe staff are a reflection of the doctor.
      Bless you and you too are in my nightly prayers! 😀

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  6. Good for you, good for following your gut and I hope you find a more competent staff (and doctor) somewhere else.


  7. I am glad you have found the positive in a bad situation and paid it forward by spreading the word and warning others! It sounds like you have made the right decisions. Things really do happen for a reason!! Ending on a happy note is always best !! Take care 🙂

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  8. A woman after my own heart! Good job! Make your point and leave. But make it loud enough so that others in the waiting room just might sprout a spine of their own!
    Nobody deserves to be treated like that.

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    • Thank you! And yes, there is no excuse for that girl’s ignorant behavior. If they were having a problem with equipment or even if something happened and they fell behind, the professional thing to do would be to inform patients of extended wait times and give them the option of re-scheduling. But, someone would have to have a brain to think of that. 😉


  9. I so get where you are coming from ! Being from a medical field myself we are taught from the beginning to be compassionate and treat people as humans and not ‘just’ patients but the whole point is lost on a lot of health care professionals these days. As our sociology professor used to say ‘Some doctors are like dealers.I’m sorry to say but that is a fact…I urge and warn you to be not like that’. Being considerate and kind is the most imp of our profession which we don’t pay much attention to anymore…We all definitely need to work on that…A little kindness goes a long way indeed…

    Hope everything works out for you Swoosie. Wishing you love ❤

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    • The thing that irritated me was that the staff member IGNORED ME and kept walking away. It wasn’t as if the building were on fire because, as I mentioned, she was in a girl-huddle, chatting with other office staff around the corner into the adjacent hall. I was treated like a nobody. She could at least have acknowledged me and said she’d be back – even if it would have been a lie.


  10. Good for you getting some feedback from the doctor! What an awful experience.

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  11. Good for you – leaving – if more people did this people might take notice. Every time I call my PC doctor the staff makes me feel as if they are doing me a favor taking my call or at the very least making an appointment. I have much better luck and more “client service” when I take my cats to the Vet.


    • I agree, our Vet is wonderful! Thanks so much for commenting, Pati. My writing did get results and I heard from the doctor with a sincere apology and promise that the staff was made aware of their mistakes. I hope so, for the sake of other patients. Some people simply do not belong in the medical profession, especially women like the one that ignored me – she had a Napoleon complex! 😀


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