Ben’s New Beginning


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Checking the answering machine, I saw the flashing light indicate one message and clicked ‘play.’ The message was garbled with static and loud background sounds with intermittent silence. I could not decipher anything about the subject matter until the last few words, “I’m sorry. I should’ve told you months ago. Bye.”

What on earth? I couldn’t believe my ears! It was Ben! I thought he was lost and gone forever after he moved away.

I hoped the caller id saved his phone number. It did. I wrote the number down, changed from my office attire to sweats and slippers, poured myself a cup of hot green tea sprinkled with cinnamon and dialed his number.

“Howdy there Swoosieque! Long time no talk! Did you get my message?” Ben sounded great!

“Well, the connection was bad, all I could make out was the part about you’re sorry and should’ve told me something months ago. What was that all about?”

“Hahahaha! I got ya’ didn’t I? I’ll bet as soon as you heard my message, your curiosity spiked to over a hundred percent, didn’t it? Hahaha…”

“Well, yeah, I was kind of worried about you because I hadn’t heard from you since you left. I tried calling your cell phone a couple of times to see if you made it to Naples, but the system said your number was out of service. I called all our friends and no one knew anything. It was like you were abducted by aliens or something – poof, disappeared!”

“Yeah, well, that’s actually what I’m apologizing about. After the divorce from Casey [my lunatic sister] I just needed some time to regroup. I needed to make some clean and final cuts from people and places that reminded me of the bad times.


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“I’m feeling better now. Bought a little condo in Naples, not far from the beach, my work is going great, I’m actually happy at my job. Can you believe it, I even got a cat!”

“Oh Ben, I am so, so, so happy for you! No one deserves to be happier than you do, especially after all the hell my sis.. (I cannot say the word ‘sister’ we are disowned from each other) uh, Casey put you through.”

We chatted and laughed all the way through two cups of green tea and I even had a couple butter cookies. I was so happy that Ben considered me as one of his closest friends.


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Although we both survived destructive relationships with Casey, neither of us ever mentions or wonders about her. For us, it is as though her evil spirit has dissipated into another realm from which we are protected.

Daily Post: Bad SignalSomeone’s left you a voicemail message, but all you can make out are the last words: “I’m sorry. I should’ve told you months ago. Bye.” Who is it from, and what is this about?




17 responses to “Ben’s New Beginning

  1. Gee. I don’t know if you’re story is fact-based, but I too have a sister to which I do not speak and haven’t in a long time. Sadly, my brother died 5 years ago, so I don’t have much family remaining. Pity that blood ties don’t ensure a good relationship.

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    • I come from a family of five siblings, none of whom communicate with me. I never fit in, never, even as a child.

      The only part of the story that is true is the reference to an alienated family member. These fallen relationships make for good story lines.


      • There were only 3 of us and then, there was my father about whom the less said, the better. My friends have always been my real family. I think that is true for many of us … more than are willing to admit it.

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        • Oh, I absolutely agree with your statement about friends being more of a real family. I find no honor in words like ‘sister’ or ‘brother,’ at least not in the family where I grew up. For years, I had wished to discover that I was adopted, at least then, it would make sense to me why I was so mistreated. Nope. I was blood. But that’s where it ends.


  2. I really enjoyed that. I’m so glad none of my sisters are a ‘Casey’.


  3. Good story!

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  4. I enjoyed this story. This prompt provided a great way to create a story. The funny thing about your post today, is that I followed the same post. In fact, while typing my post and checked my e-mail and saw that you had posted. I followed the link only to find that the first paragraph of my story was nearly identical to yours. Needless to say, I immediately went back to mine and revised mine. I hope it’s different enough.

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    • Isn’t that funny? I have another blogging friend who we sometimes do the same types of stories. Neither of us read anyone else’s stuff before we write, just to make sure we’re not influenced, but, it does happen!


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  5. It is so awesome that you and Ben have remained in contact and it is so good to hear that he put together the pieces. I bet it makes you happy that he was able to put the divorce behind and move forward positively.

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  6. you can pick your friends as they say!! I always feel sad when I read something like this but I know you are strong and have chosen well for yourself. I sometimes argue with my siblings but we still are there for each other and I am grateful for that. We are all very different!! lol.

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