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Sometimes, I like to write and let my thoughts meander through my mind while my fingers tap away, recording every scent, memory, feeling which I conjure. It is like unleashing my dog and letting him run wild in an open field, exploring all the sites and smells, and eventually, the water.

Some days though, I find I need a little outside inspiration choosing a topic, so, I typically turn to The Daily Prompt, which unfortunately, has been falling out of favor with many of its long-standing authors, running short of new prompts.

I began looking for and have found other communities who try to mimic what Word Press first started with its different prompts and challenges, but it seems to me that many of these wannabes have turned into cliques which can be… I must say no more, I have been on a war path lately and do not want to say anything more about that.

However, the whole point of this post is to gather a listing of smart, established, non-prejudicial communities where bloggers can join in, feel welcomed and pat each other on the backs, even if it’s just to say “Hi!”  
Here is the beginning of my list:

CEE’S PHOTOGRAPHY, is where I go for great fun with participating in her four different photography challenges – B&W, Oddball, Which Way, and Fun.

FRIDAY FICTIONEERS – Every Friday authors from around the world gather here to share their 100-words and offer constructive crit and encouragement to each other. This creates a wonderful opportunity for free reading of very fresh fiction! Readers are encouraged to comment as well.

As always a special thanks to Madison Woods for founding this terrific group.

Watch for the new photo prompt on my main page every Wednesday. Hope to see you there.
Writers: Some prefer not to see any stories until they’ve written their own. Leave your blog link here in the comment section or use the linkz tool.
If your blog requires multiple steps for visitors to leave comments, see if you can simplify it. If you can disable CAPTCHA, please for the sake of our writerly nerves, disable it. It’s frustrating to have to leave a DNA sample, your blood type and your shoe size just to leave a comment. (So I exaggerate. But hopefully you get the picture). Challenge yourself to keep stories to 100 words. (If you don’t you won’t be flogged or forced to walk the plank.) Enter the ring and come out writing!!!!

I know I have seen many bloggers whom I follow participating in other writing challenges, but, I did not bookmark them. If you have any writing groups which you enjoy, please comment below so I may add them.

For some reason, I do not really like NaBloPoMo, I rarely frequent it. 2014SeptNaBloPoMo465x287_HEALING


The Fire, or Kids Don’t Die

The Daily Post: When Childhood Ends – Write about a defining moment in your life when you were forced to grow up in an instant (or a series of instants).

My childhood ended the night our house was on fire and two of the children who lived in the upstairs apartment died. I wrote about it in another daily post:  Kids don’t die