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Bunnies in a Bucket

© Swoosieque

My husband does not like to mow the lawn even though he has a super duper, Hustler, professional, riding lawn mower. His back problems intensify while riding through our bumpy lawn, so, he rationalizes that it is better to keep the grass longer to keep it from burning from the intense summer heat we experience.

This past weekend, he knew that he absolutely could not procrastinate any longer as the grass was growing too thick and tall. I complained about the possibility of being bitten by a snake, as a friend of his did while walking through her yard. She is still in hospital after the snake was identified as a pygmy rattler. Her liver is deteriorating from the anti-venom treatment, or so the physicians surmise.

© Swoosieque

© Swoosieque

Back to our yard… So, as Harry was mowing the lawn, and I trimmed the huge tree branches which I had cut down a month or so ago, and had not finished down-sizing the branches due to dislocating my shoulder, I heard my husband yelling for me to come to him.

I dropped what I was doing and ran toward him. He pointed to the ground and there was a baby bunny. The lawnmower had come too close to the rabbit’s nest and this baby ran for its life! I tried to catch it, had it in hand several times, but, my hands have medical problems, I could not hold on to it. My husband retreated from the mower and caught the baby, “Now what do we do with it?” He asked.

I grabbed a bucket and he placed the bunny in it for safety while finishing the mowing.

© Swoosieque

We returned to our chores when moments later, I heard my husband yell for me again. He had caught another bunny. We placed it alongside its sibling in the bucket where they snuggled.

After the lawn was mowed, we carefully placed the babies back in their nest where Mama Rabbit could continue caring for them. It is a myth that the mama will abandon her babies if she smells the human scent.

© Swoosieque

Meanwhile, our old, mostly blind, dog has a fondness for baby bunnies as an appetizer. We needed to somehow secure the area surrounding the babies’ nest. Taking tomato cages, I placed them around the nest, being sure to keep areas open enough for Mama Bunny to slip into her nest.

The next morning, I checked the nest and the bunnies were gone. There was no sign of disturbance and I am confident that Mama Rabbit relocated her young ones to a safer, more secluded place.

It was a good feeling, a special moment in nature, to hold such precious, soft, innocent creatures in our hands.

Beauty is all around us! …except for snakes!!



An EnDEERing Moment

© Captain Kimo

I’ve been working on my attitude toward life and living, trying to make sense of why I’m still here while one of my sons is deceased. I’ve been driving myself insane, searching here, digging there, talking with this one, crying with that one, even went to a church service to find something – a speck of knowledge which would ‘click’ with my spirit – opening the doors of wisdom where all answers are discovered through tenacious inquiry.

Nothing seemed to help. The knowledge seemed to be hidden in a secluded cavern, never to be found – until I opened my mind’s eye, and there it was, right before me – within me – where it had always been, waiting for me to look within.

© Unknown

A realization flashed the truth that we are all here to live our own lives, on our life’s path, making decisions that steer our own – individual life – we all live our life alone, in the midst of each other. Our paths may intertwine, but never blend into one. Only one life per path.

Somewhere in that realization, and much thought about my surviving sons and their lives, caused me to release myself from the guilt of outliving one of my children. I am on my path. My sons are on their paths. My deceased son walked his path as a good man, father, son, brother and soul. His path reached its end, as all of ours will. He is now, wherever “next” is.

© Unknown
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I am still here, and as I revelled in the knowledge within, I went to the patio to take in the beauty of my “church” – the outdoors – nature. While the birds twittered at the feeder, a squirrel spied from the tree trunk to see if I noticed he was about to become a trapeze artist and fling himself onto the bird feeder. I pointed my finger at him and whispered, “no.” I did not want his acrobatics to make such a noise as to frighten away the deer which I had been admiring in the distance – a doe and her two fawns.

Thoughts raced through my mind for the deer’s safety since hunting season has just begun out here. I wondered how I could somehow save them from poachers. Hunting is legal out here, and I don’t want to debate on the ecosystem, but it made me sad to think how one or all of them may be killed during this season.

© Michael Dougherty

Quieting those unhappy thoughts, I chose to silence my speculations, and merely feel the beauty of the moment, knowing how privileged I was to live this moment of natural beauty, watching a young mother and her two babes, doing what they do in their natural home.

I am back on track. Truly, I feel this admission deeply. In this moment, this very moment, I am thankful for all with whom my path has ran alongside, intersected, circled, dead-ended, began anew, and intertwined.

Life is good. I’m back on track, and all the stronger for learning and living through this trying time in my life.

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Blessings to all who suffer.
I hope you find peace, as I have.