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Time Out


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I have been so productive since pulling myself away from the computer, blogging and social networking. Dusty and forgotten projects have once again gained my attention and I feel wonderful for the progress I am making with them!

When the NaBloPoMo challenge presented itself this November, I excitedly joined, participated and completed the challenge. It was not as much fun as I thought it would be, although I am happy for the new friends I found. My lack of “fun” had nothing to do with the whole NaBloPoMo event, rather, it was due to a month full of numerous medical appointments and procedures.

It was also during that month of November when the Daily Post exhibited major problems with links on their Daily Post Prompt pages. Although discussions began on their customer service forum, the thread was quickly closed and barred for user’s future comments. I think things improved a bit, but, in my case, my link was never grabbed by the Daily Post Page and I thought, “Why bother? I have better things to do.”

Besides, I  have enough ideas and stories and topics of which I can write. I don’t need an “assignment” which is what many of their prompts felt like and I could not write with feeling and conviction. I wrote just to write and then I stopped and wrote a few blah posts about being sick and then about awards and that’s been it and it’s been great!


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I realized how sedentary I have become with all the time I sat, staring at the computer screen, pretty much all day long. I need to lose weight, I need to “use” my body before my muscles begin to atrophy.

I declare that I have broken my addiction to daily blogging, especially at this upcoming holiday season when there is so much to be done around the home. I’m hoping to curb this addiction to just once a week. And today is that “once a week” for this week. :::Sigh:::


And The Award Goes To…

New bloggers are typically happy with blog awards. First, it validates their blog is actually being read by someone, second, it provides an opportunity to expand their audience through link backs.

AwardFreeZoneAt some point, however, blog awards become bothersome and many vested bloggers clearly state their blogs are “Award Free Zones.” New bloggers may not understand why other bloggers choose to be award free. I can only explain my personal viewpoint regarding blog awards as follows:

  • They are extremely time consuming – typically there are at least seven questions “about me” which you need to answer.
  • Once the “about” questions are answered you need to find nominees, typically in your list of followers, to pass the award forward. This step is difficult because many blogs are “Award Free Zones.”
  • Once you have selected nominees, you must add them to your post with links to their blogs.
  • Next, you must publish your post and visit each of your nominees, informing them of their nomination and provide a link back to your post.

After receiving multiple nominations for different awards, I gave a bit of thought to how I could accommodate the Nominator without bothering my followers with unwanted nominations. Here’s how:

  • Add the Nominator to my “Nominator List” on the particular award’s page – Nominators are unlimited.
  • Create the specific number of nominee link-placeholders with the wording “Your Blog Here” each time my blog is nominated for that particular award. For instance, The Sunshine Award requests to forward the award to 10 bloggers, so, each time I am nominated, I will add another ten placeholders to the List of Nominees – up to a maximum of thirty placeholders.
  • On each award page, instructions will inform the visiting blogger to write “ADD ME” in that award’s page comment section if they would like their link to be included.

In this way of handling nominations, I will be helping the Nominator by including their link back on the award page as well as allowing bloggers, who actually want the benefits of awards, to be added to the link list.

Here is an example of how I have applied this strategy to my Sunshine Award Page.