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Maud Allen


Maud Allen
August 27, 1873 – October 7, 1956

An email is making its rounds with photos of some amazing historic figures, known and unknown.  One of the persons referenced is Maud Allen, the seductive dancing girl from,  where else, the USA.

The email states that she was “sued for being too lewd, outed as a lesbian, and fled London after being branded a German spy who was sleeping with the prime minister’s wife.”

Sounds to me like she had quite the life!  But, what intrigues me more than anything is how much she resembles Lindsay Lohan… in at least one way or another. Don’t you think?

Do YOU believe in reincarnation?



Desktop or Laptop?


Commodore 64

Remembering our very first computer, an old Commodore 64, and how proud I was to have “written” an interest calculating program for it, I must chuckle now, at how impressed I would have been had I glimpsed what was to come down the road technologically.


Honestly, offices where I worked back then, were still using IBM Selectric typewriters, I’m not even sure if correction tape had been invented yet, certainly not the genius of White Out! Yet, the Commodore 64 was scarcely on the heels of its predecessor, the word processor. Oh, gods of the written word, how I had coveted one!

Since then and passing through the MS-DOS based system through earlier versions of Windows up to my latest computer version, Windows 7 on my laptop, I wonder how many of my contemporaries still use a desktop computer rather than a laptop and for those who still use a desktop, would you replace it with another desktop if it were to die?

For me, I prefer the desktop, simply because I like the big screen CokeBottleGlasseswhich I need in order to S-E-E, (I still work quite a lot at retouching and manipulating photos in Photoshop CS3) yet, I love the portability of my laptop. This week, however my desktop started “coughing”, lagging, growing tired.  And then, the dreaded blue-screen of by-gone days horrified my eyeballs as it possessed my screen. 

“Egads!” I wondered, “do I still have time to backup important files to my flash drive?” 

My heart and mind racing madly, I was able to recover from the blue screen of death and backup every important folder onto an external drive.  Whew!  Luck was on my side, especially if this was a warning that I need to start thinking of what I will do if this is the beginning of the end for my desktop.

Thus come my questions to you, do you still work with a desktop? If your desktop died, would you replace it with another desktop or go the laptop route?  Any other thoughts or ideas? 

I am putting up a poll here, hoping to see what you have to say, and thanks for taking the time to answer, this is really important to me.