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Maud Allen


Maud Allen
August 27, 1873 – October 7, 1956

An email is making its rounds with photos of some amazing historic figures, known and unknown.  One of the persons referenced is Maud Allen, the seductive dancing girl from,  where else, the USA.

The email states that she was “sued for being too lewd, outed as a lesbian, and fled London after being branded a German spy who was sleeping with the prime minister’s wife.”

Sounds to me like she had quite the life!  But, what intrigues me more than anything is how much she resembles Lindsay Lohan… in at least one way or another. Don’t you think?

Do YOU believe in reincarnation?



Day 19

19DaysToday, Day 19 of the NaBloPoMo challenge, is finding me much less than an excited participant. I blame it on those blasted hormone (estrogen) blockers. Although this afternoon is quite an improvement over yesterday at this time.
I shall be free from side effects, totally, by Christmas. Meanwhile, my blog may resemble something of a “picture book” rather than … there goes my vocabulary memory again!