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A Troubling Feral Tail

Last night, I thought I would have a relaxing evening after fighting a nasty head cold for a few days.

Dinner was going to be easy to cook up – baked Tilapia, sprinkled heavily with California Style Lemon Pepper and a side dish of homemade coleslaw. I found the recipe for the coleslaw a few years ago on one of those copycat recipe websites. The recipe for which I searched was KFC’s coleslaw, the best I have ever tasted, in my opinion. The copycat recipe is really, really easy, especially when one merely needs to make the dressing and add it to pre-bagged tri-color coleslaw from the produce department at the grocery store.

With dinner cooked, kitchen cleaned, pets cared for, I sat in my recliner and turned on a movie, The Railway Man. This was an incredible movie. If you have Netflix, check it out.

OpieBasket2011My husband smokes cigarettes in the garage when it is too chilly outdoors to smoke on the patio. He came into the house for something and asked me where Opie (our orphaned feral cat)was. I told him that I thought she was in her ‘cave’ (the hall closet where I store blankets and pillows.) Opie often jumps to the top shelf and snuggles in for long naps.

I had gone to say ‘hello’ to her only half an hour before my husband came in looking for her and I read her body language that she was in no mood for company, so I left her alone.

My husband is of the mind that pets should be obedient to pet-parents. He went to check on her, started petting her and then I heard all sorts of raucous. He was loudly telling her, repeatedly to “STOP IT!” Then he shouted to me to get bandages. Sigh.

Containing my anger toward him, I quietly got three boxes of bandages and placed them on the kitchen counter. He was swearing that he was going to beat the damn cat, as he rinsed his bloodied hand in the kitchen sink.

I have learned a very long time ago never to argue with someone who has been drinking alcohol and I wondered how I was going to approach the subject about his treating the cat as though she has human understanding. I did not want him turning his anger against me.

OpieWindowAs I bandaged his hand with at least 10 regular-sized bandages. I tried to approach the subject, explaining to him that she was born in the wild and we rescued and raised her. She has the natural instincts of a ferrell cat, she has the “wild” inside her and that will never change.

He agreed to leave her alone, but only moments later, walked over to her “cat cave” to look at her. I was in the kitchen, observing and could hear the cat growling at him. Of course she was growling! He later told me that he hit her!  She was terrified of him!

At one point in our conversation, while still bandaging his hand, I told him that if he doesn’t stop his “playing” with her, I will have to take her to the Vet to have her put down. His anger rose, but I stood my ground, “…what’s better? Having you get crazy-mad at her and beat her or have her put down quietly?

“She cannot be taught nor controlled! If you cannot learn to live with her, understanding her special circumstances, then, it is cruel to keep her.”

He argued that because she is not socialized, she is not a candidate for adoption. I agreed and told him that the only options were for the humans in this home to respect her as she is or have her put down.

He retreated to the garage but returned to the hallway where he stared at her again and broke down into tears. Great! Not only did I have a cat who was scared to death, feeling cornered, but a man, under-the-influence, crying like a baby because the love-of-his-life, the cat, doesn’t love him – won’t be affectionate to him.

After the husband left for work this morning, I sat and cried, wondering if it was a good thing that I did adopt her, raise her, bottle feed her.

OpieSaidI hate zoos. I think animals belong and are happier in their natural environment. Yet, to let Opie loose, outdoors, she would be killed within 24 hours, either by a car, neighborhood dogs, the hawks, the owls, the coyotes…

I think she is unhappy as she sits in the window everyday, wanting to chase birds and squirrels. I think this is cruel. I think she is lonely, yet, to bring another cat into the home would surely become a bloody mess quickly.

I have such a headache from my tears. My concerns are that she is lonely and unhappy and that my husband has the attitude of a three year old when it comes to pets.



Where No Man’s Gone

Hmmmm, let’s see now, I have just been given a key that can open one building, room, locker or box to which I do not normally have access, how will I use it and why?

I do not have access to a very many places, like the Governor’s Mansion, the vault at our bank or, better yet, Fort Knox, even though there is speculation that no gold bars are there anymore. Am I curious enough to waste this golden key to find out that particular truth? Nope. It’s like the old saying, “If I tell you, I’ll have to kill you.” That’s not true either, I mean, look at the multitude of conspiracy theories floating around, there actually may be some truths among them but because they are so incredible, people guffaw at their possibilities. Besides, Brad Meltzer thinks he has already proven that our gold bars are all gone, Fort Knox is empty of everything… if you believe everything Brad Meltzer portends, cough, cough.


© Swoosieque
Vaulted Ceiling – Fan
On Move-in Day

What I would really like  to unlock with a golden key is something ethereal, my cat’s mind. Yes. I want to know what that lunatic thinks when she goes flying through the air from the couch to the recliner, from the recliner to the bookshelf, back to the recliner and starts eyeing the fan on the vaulted ceiling in the living room then looks back at me as if I might be the right height for her to land upon as the next step to her final achievement, the ceiling fan! For her, that would be the equivalent, I’m sure, of conquering Mt. Everest, every crazy cat’s greatest dream, to ride the ceiling fan. When I see that look on her face, I quickly exit the room.

One habit of hers which scared me to the point of nearly calling our local University Ghostbuster’s Department (isn’t that what they call it)? Oh, the Paranormal Studies Department is the proper term? No matter what you call it, I was ready to contact them to set up an overnight stay, convinced, by my cat, that our house was haunted, if not the whole house, at least the picture hanging in one of our hallways was certainly haunted.



Opie, my cat, would sit on the floor and stare at that picture for hours. Yes, I said hours! She looked like the dog in the movie Poltergeist when it brought its ball onto the bed and stared at the wall above the headboard. I was honestly starting to get freaked out and worried that maybe the previous owner died in this house and was still hanging around, but I thought for sure I was told she had died in hospice. Can ghosts come back to their home if they didn’t die there? I’ll have to ask Brad Meltzer that one, he seems to know all about that kind of stuff.

Anyway, I believe that cats have super duper radar for such weirdness as ghosts and such, so, I needed to decipher what was possessed, the wall of the hallway or the picture I hanged there. I took the picture down and hid it in a closet. Opie’s watch continued as she still sat in the hallway, staring upward on that wall.

I had not yet told my husband that we may be living in a haunted house, he thinks I’m crazy anyway because I love sci-fi stories, and UFO conspiracies, but I don’t watch ghost hunting programs because I think they are just like “reality” t.v., hyped up, dramatic, scripted garbage. That’s not to say that I do not believe in a spirit world, I just don’t believe all the cr*p that’s in those t.v. shows. It’s all about network ratings and whatever sells. But, back to my haunted house…

So, I told my husband about our own ghost hunting cat when he was home for lunch and she happened to be sitting in the hallway, staring at the wall. He called her, she wouldn’t come, but that’s not unusual, I don’t know many cats that will come when you call them. She used to come when I called her when she was a little bitty kitten, but, since she’s all grown up and Queen of the house, she does what she wants, cats are like that, individual thinking, ghost and dragon hunting creatures. My husband had no ideas with what she was so intrigued; his interest was diverted back to his job and went back to work.

Opie’s behavior continued and as long as I wasn’t hearing any strange moans and groans or having chairs stacked upon one another in the dining room, I decided to let whatever spirit might be living here, to go ahead and stay with us, as long as no one got hurt. Oh, and on a side note, the dogs never noticed anything strange about that hall or the picture upon it, but they do cry to me if the cat is blocking their path and I have to stop whatever I’m doing and shoo the cat out of their way. 


OPIE’s Mind

Back to the haunting. One day, as I kissed my husband good-bye when he was leaving the house after lunch, I closed the front door and saw Opie charge toward the hallway wall. I stopped in my tracks. That is when I figured out the mystery. The shadows, reflections of my husband’s pick-up truck mirrors and windows were fluttering upon the wall. That was it! I pulled up a chair in the dining room and sat and watched the cat watch the wall.

Anything that flew by the front yard, or drove by with a reflective surface cast movement upon that wall. Mystery solved! No ghost! No spirit! Just a cat with an imagination as big as the universe! I think it would be so fun to be inside her imagination and that is what I would open with my golden key.

Today’s thoughts inspired by: Daily Post: Golden KeyYou’ve been given a key that can open one building, room, locker, or box to which you don’t normally have access. How do you use it, and why?


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