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Power of Names

 Power of Names

I was born the fourth of six children and intended to be the final child, especially since I was female and evened out the family – two boys and two girls.

moviestarsparade194809-jeanne-crain1My older sister and brothers were all named after movie stars who were famous at the time of their births. They were also given middle names. For some reason, however, I was not given a middle name and neither were my younger sister and brother when they finally joined the crowd.

Maybe my parents ran out of ideas for middle names. Maybe it was a new fad. I will never know. But, getting back to my name, “Susan,” I was named after the movie star, Susan Hayward. Nevertheless, I came to despise that name!



There were no fun or cute nicknames for anyone named Susan. Oh, sure, there was “Sue,” but add a “y” like my brothers did, and that nickname soon became a call for hogs and the start of endless years of torment for a girl named “Susan.”

Once, I told my mom that I thought my nickname could be “Suzy”, it sounded reasonable to me, but my mother quashed that strategy with the fact that my name was spelled s-u-s-a-n, there was no “z” in it, therefore I could not be called “su-Z-y”. Drat!

Yet, in the course of my life, there have been older men at work who called me “Suzy.” I don’t know if it was because they thought I was sweet or cute, but, even now, at my ripe old age of sixty, some older men still call me “Suzy.”

Better than that, society seems to have dropped the rules for names, heck, if I were born in today’s time, I might have been named “Apple” or “Banana” or “Starlight” and nicknames could be anything I chose, not governed by any spelling rules based upon my given name. But, I did my nickname one better…

Even though I could now use “Susie” as my nickname (my name DOES have an “s” in it) I chose to push the envelope and be unconventional with both, spelling and pronunciation – thus, I have become “Swoosieque” this totally nonsensical, misspelled, improper name suits me just fine and there will be no hog calling with a name like that!

 Power of Names



Knee-jerk Reaction

Daily Post: Trick Questions – A Pulitzer-winning reporter is writing an in-depth piece — about you. What are the three questions you really hope she doesn’t ask you?

First of all, why is this prompt gender specific? Why is it a “she” and not a “he” or merely stated, “…What are the three questions you hope you are not asked?” So, with that specificity, here is how I would respond to today’s Daily Prompt – Questions I would not want a Pulitzer-winning reporter to ask me:


  1. “Wanna have sex with me?”
  2. “Wanna suck my tongue?”
  3. “Can I lick your neck?”

At this point in my life, no questions asked would embarrass me or make me uncomfortable, my life is an open book. The three questions I posed here would merely cause me to react with incredulity and a possible kick to the groin no matter what the gender of the reporter.