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Cataract Surgery Left Eye

Friday, December 12, 2014, I arrived at the surgery center for my left eye cataract removal. My doctor was Dr. Brian Firestone of the Dean McGee Eye Institute. I was so pleased with every step of the procedure from admitting to final check-up, everything ran like clockwork.

Each medical staff verbally reviewed and confirmed any of my allergies and what procedure would be performed. The actual surgery was absolutely painless, unlike my previous cataract surgery when I could feel a sensation of tugging and was in pain on the drive home. Not this time. I was in no pain until the next morning when the extent of pain in my eye was limited to a sensation of being sore.

DbleVisionMy vision was cloudy for the first day and at my post-op visit, five hours after surgery, I was still under the influence of the relaxing “anesthesia” and my left eye was out of alignment with my right eye. I instantly became nauseated when the nurse removed the bandage and I opened my eye. A short while later, when my doctor came in to assess my condition and pressure, I told him of my concern and he explained that my eye was not only numbed prior to surgery, but paralyzed – the cause of dis-alignment and double-vision.


© Swoosieque
Example of central vision distortion after macular hole recovery

By Sunday, my vision was all clear and in alignment with my right eye, the blurriness I experienced from the cataract is gone and my vision, at least in my left eye, is back to its wonderful 20/20 status. My right eye however, will forever have the central vision distortion from the macular hole. The image above is an example of the central vision distortion through that eye. As my eye moves, so does the distortion, making it difficult to read. I am not complaining though, I am intensely thankful to Dr. Lance Scott for saving me from complete blindness in that eye.

Life is good!


As Long As It Takes


© Michael Moore

Q: How long is reasonable to wait for something you really want?
A: As long as it takes.

That’s a simple answer to a broad question with, of course, some parameters, such as, what I’m waiting for must be a possible reality. For instance, if I am waiting to fly to the Moon, I am assured that there will not be enough time, in my lifetime, for that to happen. Thus, waiting through infinity would be a reasonable amount of time for me to fly to the Moon.

doctors-talkingHere’s another one with a different possibility, I’m waiting for the diagnosis that will allow the as-yet-not-cooked-cataract in my left eye to be removed before the end of this year. My Optometrist says it’s ready for removal, the Ophthalmologist he sent me to says it is not ready to be removed. I will wait six days from today and be seen by another Ophthalmologist, Dr. Firestone, at the Dean McGee Eye Institute for his evaluation. This is a situation for which I am anxiously awaiting a positive diagnosis so that my eye can have its surgery before the end of this year since I have already met my insurance deductible. My appointment with this Ophthalmologist was made two and a half weeks ago which I believe is a common wait time for this type of doctor.

At this stage in my life, I really do not have much to ‘wait’ for; time is too precious to anxiously sit with one goal on my mind. I’ll eat breakfast, clean up the kitchen, start the dishwasher, fold some laundry while ‘waiting’ for the dishwasher to finish, then I’ll start making spaghetti sauce from scratch while still waiting for the dishwasher to finish, which takes two and a half hours – it’s a really bad dishwasher and I have to hand-wash everything before placing it in there.

While ‘waiting’ for the dishwasher to finish and letting the spaghetti sauce simmer, I will shred a pile of paperwork and create an expense report for my husband. Speaking of husband, it would be just about time for him to arrive home for lunch so I will take a break from his expense report and make some lunch while still waiting for the dishwasher, spaghetti sauce and on-hold expense report to be finished.


© Tricia Reilly-Matthews

There will be a lot more ‘waiting’ throughout my typical day, but nothing that makes me impatient nor fills me with the child-like excitement of waiting for Christmas.

Today’s thoughts inspired by: Daily Post: Waiting Room“Good things come to those who wait.” Do you agree? How long is it reasonable to wait for something you really want?


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