Soul Contracts …

I have not yet written about my son’s first death anniversary. My thoughts and feelings are still forming. Meanwhile, I found this post and want to share it as a prelude to my recollection of Mikey’s First year death anniversary. Peace.


Soul contract?

This is a subject that is easy to speculate or debate about when you are chatting with a peaceful mind. We can easily share our opinions as to whether our physical body has its own expiration date which we signed up for before we were born until it becomes personal when out of order death happens in our family.

Many have shared that they believed that their loved one somehow knew their time here would be short. Based on the way Amy lived her life, I am not sure if she knew on a conscious level yet may have known on a soul level. Again, the jury is still out as I continue to ponder this soul contract theory.

Recently in a tearful conversation with two women who had not lost children, they reminded me that our children are only on loan to us. Based on the way…

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6 responses to “Soul Contracts …

  1. Interesting idea/link; I don’t know anything about soul contracts but . . .
    Swoosieque, just a friendly note to say that you don’t have to write about the anniversary for the blog’s sake or anything; I hope you don’t feel that way. Then it becomes a chore, an obligation, and maybe that doesn’t help you so much (if at all). FWIW, a personal note: It took me years to process my sister’s death (I felt more like her mother than a sister, since she was so young and I was so much older) such that I was able to directly write about it or even talk about it (to either therapist or friend).

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    • That may be the exact case with me. I don’t feel pressured to write about it, I don’t want to feel obliged either. I know what the year has been like, yet, something inside itches to share it, but, the other side of the something inside is in no rush to put it into words. I am leaning toward the moment of feeling right – if there ever will be a moment of sharing.

      If I can share a lesson, then, my spirit will find the words. Meanwhile, my feelings and lessons are still “baking” until ready to be consumed.

      I have talked with a friend who lost her daughter to lung cancer several years ago and offered her shoulder if ever needed. I invited her over, and started the conversation of our deceased children. I saw her discomfort and changed the subject. She has never spoken to me since.

      The biggest thing I have learned from my son’s death is to not judge others. I miss the visits with my neighbor, but, I do not judge her, and am sorry that I took her for her word and trusted her.


  2. Thank you for the link. I have heard about old, wise souls incarnating in young bodies and only spending a short time with their loved ones before moving on. From all those who died young in our family and circle of friends I can say that there was an intensity about them, they lived life with so much gusto as if they knew they were on limited time, long before any illness got hold of them. There will be plenty of literature on the subject if you want to read about it. Sending you love and prayers at this time xxx

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  3. Oh, I would love for you to share your links/list of literature. I am an avid fan of Edgar Cayce.
    Insofar as my son, there were signs, a year or so before he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He was more “attuned” to the family, drawing us all closer together. His consciousness may not have been aware of the meaning of his actions, but, I do believe his spirit knew.
    When I would post photos (on fb) of when he was young, he was so happy and wanted more…. all of this, before his consciousness knew he was dying. Our spirits know.
    Thank you so much for commenting, and please, add any links, if you have them.

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  4. You are very welcome and I too believe that our spirits know. I do not know where you live, but when I lived in London I visited the library of the College of Psychic Studies which holds an extensive collection of titles frequently consulted by scholars on all matters related to soul journeys. If you are not in or near London to visit the library you can peruse their online shop and see if anything ‘speaks’ to you. The staff at the college are most helpful and you can email them with a query if you prefer. The web link for the college is:
    I hope this helps.

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