Abandoned in the Presence of…

ABANDON…verb (used with object) to leave completely and finally; forsake utterly; desert… as to abandon one’s farm; to abandon a child; to abandon a sinking ship…to give up; discontinue; withdraw from…to give up the control of…Obsolete. to banish…

Oh, but there is so much more to abandonment than leaving a physical entity dropped off, away from one’s bodily presence. There is the abandonment of “spirit”, the abandonment of nurturing while in the physical presence of the abandoned one. It takes two words to describe this type of abandonment — emotional abuse.

That which follows is a true story of a childhood friend I shall name, Marie.

On second thought, to convey this story would be too heartbreaking for me at this moment in time. I shall, instead, share with you my first-hand observation of emotional abuse.

Note: Because I wear my heart upon my sleeve, much of my observations may seem incongruent — I write through my heart more than my mind.

On “third” thought, the story has become more personal than I can share at this time. My son’s first death-anniversary is approaching and I will not intermingle these two emotions.


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All that I can contribute to this prompt is that “abandoned” is not restricted to physicality, which eventually results in the emotional/mental experience. There is another form of abandonment, while in the presence of a trusted caretaker — mother/father. That abandonment is called “abuse” and at this moment, I cannot reach into my soul to share the story with you. Understand, however, that abandonment is not limited to physical presence, we are more than physical beings, we are spirits. Those who are next to us can be abandoned, or abandon us. Our spirits know.

Be kind to all who live and share this earth with us. Support those who cannot stand up against cruelty, and abandonment.

The Daily Post – Abandoned


6 responses to “Abandoned in the Presence of…

  1. I didn’t write about this one. Too personal. WordPress seems to revel in depressing prompts, but I don’t.

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    • I haven’t been writing much lately, still nursing my neck and shoulder, which is depressing in that I am so limited to what I can/cannot do. Obviously, I had a difficult time with this one. You made a wise decision to not write about this one.


  2. You understand the word so well. As an adult who felt that her Mother abandoned her when she gave me up for adoption, I can rationalise her actions. However I once asked God how I continued to feel abandoned, because I couldn’t possibly remember the feeling that baby felt of abandonment. The answer that I got was “but your Soul does” Blessings for your post Joy

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  3. Very well-said, Swoosieque, although I’m sorry you have experienced or witnessed abandonment, in one way or another, or are experiencing feelings of abandonment, sadness, and/or perhaps disillusion. As always, I wish you healing for your shoulder & neck (and heart), creativity, and kindness as you make your way forward.

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