Knee-jerk Reaction

Daily Post: Trick Questions – A Pulitzer-winning reporter is writing an in-depth piece — about you. What are the three questions you really hope she doesn’t ask you?

First of all, why is this prompt gender specific? Why is it a “she” and not a “he” or merely stated, “…What are the three questions you hope you are not asked?” So, with that specificity, here is how I would respond to today’s Daily Prompt – Questions I would not want a Pulitzer-winning reporter to ask me:


  1. “Wanna have sex with me?”
  2. “Wanna suck my tongue?”
  3. “Can I lick your neck?”

At this point in my life, no questions asked would embarrass me or make me uncomfortable, my life is an open book. The three questions I posed here would merely cause me to react with incredulity and a possible kick to the groin no matter what the gender of the reporter.



6 responses to “Knee-jerk Reaction

  1. “Interesting three questions to have come to your mind,” the psychologist responding in the probing way that is the gift only they- any your mother- seem to possess. “Do you want to elaborate a little more?”

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  2. I guess I missed the prompt this morning. Ooops! But it’s an oldie. Done this one before. Maybe a nice kick in the groin on principle?

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  3. I agree with your point about the sex of the reporter.

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  4. Yeesh! I would probably smack his head right back up to help align the loose screws!


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