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Grief is the extended hand that reaches out to you,
In the darkest moments of your sorrow.
You reach for it,
You know its comfort,
You know it’s there,
You know its truth,
For you have crossed its threshold,

A threshold reserved for those who know true sorrow,
The kind of sorrow that gouges a cavern within your heart,
A cavern that strips away a part of your soul,
Yet keeps a lingering, painful,
Bloody, throbbing thread to your memories,
Making you wonder what’s really next,
Is there life after death?

Grief transcends one beyond the capacity of mortal judgement,
It raises one’s awareness to absolute truth.

Grief causes one to dismiss,
Grief causes one to forgive,
Grief is the ultimate light of truth and justice.

Grief will not lead you down an abandoned path,
Through forgiveness,
Grief will allow you to forgive at your choosing,
Through your knowledge,
Through your newly acquired enlightenment.

Grief will allow you to pursue,
Grief will be with you as you are,
Grief is the ultimate companion.

Grief will be with you for the remaining days of your life,
Your life, the life which has been transformed.
You will never be betrayed,
As long as Grief is by your side.
It will teach love, life and knowledge,
With its lessons.
Look in the mirror,
Grief is now your halo.
Can you see it?



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