Who Was That Man?

Daily Post:  Remember when you wrote down the first thought you had this morning? Great. Now write a post about it.

Back in the old days, when I took an avid interest in understanding my dreams, I kept a dream journal upon my nightstand and would faithfully scribble recollections of my dreams in it upon waking, or even in the middle of the night if a dream awakened me.  It has been decades since a dream journal laid upon my nightstand. I think it coincides with my youngest children  having grown and left the nest.

WhoWasThatManLast night however, I had an incredibly strange dream!  It qualifies for strange because of its players and  story line. Upon waking this morning, I wrote four words in my mind’s dream journal, “Who was that man?”

There was a young man in my dream.  He was gorgeous, according to my taste.  And, we spent the night together! Of course, I was young and beautiful in this dream, so it was not as if this aging old lady was robbing the cradle.  But, the dream was very sensual for these two young, beautiful persons.  I will not delve into the mechanics of their physical escapades, since that is not the point of today’s Daily Post Challenge. Besides, since it was my imagination that conjured this dream, I shall let you conjure your own story line.

TallDarkHandsomeWhen the young man untangled himself from the twisted pile of sheets  where we laid, he warmly kissed my forehead, and walked to the shower. I followed him to the doorway and watched him.

When his dripping wet, glistening, tan-skinned body stepped out of the shower and wrapped a white towel around his waist, I awakened from this dream and began to wonder what on earth is going on with my brain! Then I got out of bed and started my morning duties.

After the dogs were fed and injected with insulin and my husband left for work, I stopped by my blog, I wanted to see if the Daily Post is working any better than it was when I last participated. When I saw today’s prompt, I knew I had to write about my dream. I had to write about this sexy, dream lover! His image is burned into my mind’s eye. He was more gorgeous than any movie star, he was even better looking than the model whose photograph I added here. Yet, I do not know who the man was. Where did I come up with his handsome, masculine face? This shall be in the back of my mind all day today.

When I was young and wrote in my dream journals, I wondered what the meaning of my dreams were. Now, I just want to know….

Who was that man?



7 responses to “Who Was That Man?

  1. If you find out let us know! 😉

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  2. Every once in a while, I get a “Hollywood” dream in technicolor with music soundtrack and sound effects. I’m always young and far more beautiful than I was — ever — in my life and I wake up sad it is over, wishing I could remember the details and write the movie for Hollywood!!

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