Shape Up Swoosieque!

In an effort to become healthy, I have committed to losing weight and using my body for more than sitting at my computer screen and eating unhealthily. Although I have tried this before, I have now found a community of like-minded souls who help encourage each other in their quest at My Fitness Pal, a place with which I am most impressed!

I can keep daily track of my caloric intake as well as my exercise value. I am also posting my daily trackers at, Shape Up Swoosieque.

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32 responses to “Shape Up Swoosieque!

  1. Sounds like a great plan😊 I wish you much success👍

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  2. Just please please don’t do any crash dieting. It always backfires in the worst way.

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    • Thanks for the tip. No, I have always liked fruits and veggies but my problem has been major inactivity and too many sweets. The key to my success will be to replace an overload of sweets with more activity, not starvation. It’s going to take time, but I’ll feel better and have more energy and be more comfortable moving around. 😉


      • Successful diets … weight loss that lasts … always is a change of lifestyle and eating habits. Everybody seems to be looking for the quick fix. But there is no quick fix, not long term. So it sounds like you have a plan. GOOD!!

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  3. oh best wishes – and I have a few tips to share – especially to get away front he sweets (I had a healing year from something earlier in 2014 and part of my healing meant no sugar -and whew – I did it – I can share more later – but I always wanted to just never knew how) – anyhow, a long time ago I remember a model named Kim Alexis talked about nutrition (rare cos they are usually bad eaters – make that non-eaters) and well she told people that many times when you are hungry – you are sometimes really thirsty. and most folks are dehydrated ongoing and do not know it.
    anyhow, all these years later I have come to realize the thing about certain sweets – sometimes we crave them when we are really needing other things – especially amino acids. and many times the systemic candida we are feeding is so hidden and so it makes it hard to break off from the sugar. but long story short, what worked for me was getting enough protein and other good fortification and so it was less about stating away from this or that and more about what I get to have to restore my body terrain.

    anyhow, so you might have it already – but try a good protein powder (now foods makes great ones with no chemicals) and also alkalizing the body can fight the sugar addiction. sugar is a gift and yummy and all that – but it also suppresses the immune system and we just eat way too much in the US – and so it all really comes down to restoring the immune system, ya know.
    anyhow, great way to be thinking as the new year begins 0- and my huge goal is better posture – feel like miss slouch a lot! but my muscles have a memory and well.///// making the plan to stretch still… 🙂

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    • Thank you so much for this information!! Typically, I drink 106 oz. of water in a day and the only other thing I drink is 1 cup of coffee in the morning, so I think I’m good with hydration. 🙂

      The thing about candida is really weird. I mean, you are the 2nd person in 2 days who has mentioned that. I’m going to start with what I already have in the house and take some apple cider vinegar which is supposed to help against candida in the gut. I also have some protein powder but not sure it’s the “good” stuff. I definitely need to do some more reading about candida and busting the sugar habit. It makes sense that when we crave something, our body is trying to tell us something and we definitely can get the message wrong.

      Thanks again!! {{{Hugs}} ❤ 😀


      • Protein powder is not metabolized by your body as protein. Honest. No matter who makes it. Not the liquid either.

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        • That is a very important point which I never knew! Thanks Marilyn!


          • There is a lot of dieting mythology and liquid and powder “protein” is biggie. It’s been around for more than 20 years. It is highly caloric junk food. Expensive, too. It does NOT substitute for real protein or decrease appetite. A balanced, sensible diet. Weight watchers is a good choice. Everything else is a fad.


            • Well I am glad that weight watchers works for u M – 🙂 – but the only thing is that it can be very expensive – and you pay a lot of money for packaging, which could also leech into the food – and does not help rebuild the body terrain. Even though I have a few other issues with WW- I guess it can be amazing for portion control and weight loss – But what I have personally learned for “healing” and long term fortification, it comes down to absorption and amino acids. usually people who have been ill have had adrenal strain for years, systemic microbes that still exist after chemo, and the mucous lining needs repair and the body needs to be fortified — and whey protein “isolate” is only one part of the 20 things we need to do for a heathy terrain. also, a simple cup of whey isolate can be satisfying – feeds the muscles and brain – and just satiates. “now foods” makes an unflavored whey isolate that is nicely priced – like 20 bucks and lasts a long time – and the best protein powder I have ever had is from “logosnutritionals” – it mixes light – costs 28$ – and has a hint of vanilla – they add in an enzyme that helps absorption (because we “are what we absorb”) and they also make other stuff. and side note, four eggs in the morning also satisfies too…mmmm


              • so Marilyn, just to sum up my reply to your comment – I agree it is best to eat real protein, but for restoring health I really do believe there are a few protein supplements – whey protein isolate and rice protein are two I use) and they are affordable and can help supplement for folks who cannot eat enough complete proteins to get the amino acids they need.


                • Weight watchers does NOT require you buy special food. That’s Jenny Craig or one of the other packaged food programs. They work, but they are expensive and eventually, you need to learn to eat and bingo, back where you started. Weight Watchers is a program, not a food service. You don’t even need weight watcher’s. You just need to learn to eat.

                  There are plenty of protein sources — meat, fish, fowl, tofu, eggs, cheese. If you don’t learn to eat using real food, you will need to be on a diet forever. No one can stay on a diet forever. Which is why dieting fails in the end. If you can’t sustain weight loss eating regular food, as soon as you get off your special diet, you regain the weight. Usually plus a few pounds.


                  • oh thanks – I did not realize that – because a few years ago an outlet store here had a bunch of food that had the weight watchers logo on it (and the plea soup was to die for) but thanks so much, even though I see the Weight Watchers products sold in stores and I looked at some of their frozen foods and well….

                    anyhow, it seems like you are more familiar with this label – and I respect that 🙂

                    but did see this in NPR


                    “WeightWatchers makes good money from licensing and endorsements of foods ranging from special items on the menu at Applebee’s to frozen treats from Wells Dairy.

                    We asked the company several times this week about plans for its packaged food line now that its PointsPlus system tilts so strongly against processed foods. But a spokeswoman declined to answer questions or make available an executive to talk.

                    So we decided to take a trip to our local Safeway to check out how the food sold now under the WeightWatchers name matches up with the company’s new points plan.

                    After scanning the freezer case, we grabbed a box of WeightWatchers Smart Ones Artisan Creations Grilled Flatbread Savory Steak & Ranch. It’s a reasonable 300 calories, but then there’s the 570 mg of sodium, and an unimpressive 4 grams of dietary fiber.

                    But there was nothing very whole or natural to be found among the ingredients. We counted no fewer than 80 distinct substances on the list from salt and soybean oil to titanium dioxide and ammonium chloride.”


                  • and just FYI – I also found this (and sorry swoosie-q – hope you do not mind me sharing here, but when businesses profit front hints that we can learn on our own, and when the advice seems sketchy – I think it is something that needs to be examined more…

                    and found this:

                    “Weight Watchers: The Bad

                    The tracking gets tedious quickly, and if you stop tracking you stop losing weight. This means that if you want to continue the diet, either you need to cough up the monthly fee ($42.95) for the mobile app or track everything on paper. The cost is another bad feature of the program. In this day of free mobile apps, it seems pretty damn overpriced. You can rationalize it by saying your truly paying for the meetings and the supports, but is that half hour really worth $10 a week? For those on a limited budget, the price is steep and can be what ultimately turns them away from a program that could do a lot of good in their life.

                    Weight Watchers: The Ugly

                    The ugliest part of the program is the cult-like environment it creates. The leaders sometimes act like a high priestess presiding over their congregation of very hungry people. Yes, they are living proof that the plan works, but they often act like the WW is the ONLY way for people to lose weight, and everyone who doesn’t track points and attend weekly meetings is doomed to fail.

                    Then, you have the weird actions of the members. I admit it, I am guilty of a couple of these too. When women arrive at the meeting, you will notice they tend to strip. It’s not as kinky as it sounds, though. They start by trying vainly to pee, or do worse in the bathroom. Then, you notice them taking off all their jewelry. Then, they strip down to tank tops and take their shoes off before being weighed. I even have a friend that was so desperate; she cut her hair into a short, hideous-on-her pixie cut so it would appear that she had continued to lose weight when she hit a plateau.

                    After the women weigh in, you will see the water bottles and snacks come out. They will drink like they avoided drinking all day in order to be at their lowest weight for the weigh in, and the snacks are devoured almost instantaneously. For the record, I have never seen any of the male members pull any of these shenanigans. The behavior seems almost desperate, especially for the ones who only lose a fraction of a pound that week. But, that is still a loss, so it is still a success.

                    I think that while the atmosphere it creates is ugly, it is still helpful for many people. While someone might be running laps in front of the store for the half hour before her weigh in, if it means she didn’t gain weight that week, then it’s still a good thing. It’s just hard to tell if the means justify the end sometimes.

                    Then, there is what happens to people when they quit. Even the leaders will tell you stories about how they stopped the program and then gained the weight back and then some. I lost 15 lbs on it a year ago. I gained back 40 after I stopped. My friend lost over 100 (hair included), and from the looks of a recent photo is well on her way to having gained it all back. That story is told over and over again. People quit and gain it all back and more. Like a cult, once you join you are stuck unless you want to fail and gain more weight than you started with.”

                    more here:


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                    • I had a friend, from Chicago, who joined WW a few years ago and then again more recently. She did not succeed.

                      I can’t be bothered with counting points nor calories, weight loss is simple, don’t eat more than you can use (burn) in your day’s activities… either eat less or exercise more, replace “bad” foods with healthy foods. 😀

                      Thanks again for all your interest and help regarding the failings of Weight Watchers!

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      • gosh – we could really chat for hours and hours about this stuff. and argh – it is so frustrating sometimes because there is conflicting information out there. and for me – it tooling getting well (fighting for it) to find the time to research and read (and read and read). But it is funny because I see how there were little tips for me all along – like a gal I worked with in the 90’s told me about her systemic candida – and she was skinny and “looked” healthy – but it is a silent killer (there are books out about it too) and then my good friend dawn – a granola girl from boulder, co – well she was telling me about herbs (like cloves) and just some helpful things – and then my friend corrin started learning about the serious need for more protein and her nutritionist told her about not having a bagel for breakfast – and that was all int he 90’s.
        then – in 2002 my mom was visiting us in CA and made me watch this think on internal cleansing her – I yielded and whew – that was the start of cleansing for me. simple too – just used sonnies’ #7,w which is bentonite clay and a liquid form – and then you use it with psyllium fiber – and you can mix in some herbs.
        anyhow, in 2006 – my little clay cleanse with some herbs and then probiotics healed me of something with my thyroid – where I KNOW the docs would have just put me on a med for the rest of my life – cos they only treat symptoms.
        however, even though I had the cleanse thing down – two very important things I had to learn was that it could take a couple of years to clean up candida. it gets systemic and it is stubborn. so the one time when I cleansed all summer (and the sonnies’ clay cleanse is way easy whew) but I just stopped and really did not know what to do next (and now I know).
        anyhow, the second thing I NEVER knew how to do was to rebuild my body terrain – or to replenish my system – which was even more important after I cleansed on and off – you know? I now know how to do that – I found a supplement (a thymic formula) that is natural and “absorbable” – because they say we “are what we absorb” – and usually people who are ill – whether it be fibro, VFS, thyroid stuff, cancer, atc- well we have had our immune system compromised – and the mucosa lining in the gut does not work like it should and so — my biggest goal became restoring my body terrain. I also had a ton of dental work done – which adds to the inner toxicity – and seriously, I felt like I was staring at a brick wall for a couple of years there because there was so much conflicting information out there.
        anyhow, I would love to share more later about what worked for me. but one more little tidbit – I recall trying the apple cider vinegar back in the early 90’s – with my mom – and we would get the stuff with the “mother” in it – and it just never did much. I have some now and sometimes take a bath with it because it can alkalize the body that way too – but what really helped me was sonnies’ #7 – with fiber (they are called P & B shakes) and in hindsight I see that if I would have down their 7 day protocol better I would have had more cleansing success. I did use their cod liver oil and caplhonite (both under 15 bucks) and it actually nourished me in such a way that I stopped buying moisturizer – crazy, huh?
        and just fyi – any product that costs more than 30 or 40 bucks – be really weary of – I mean these companies can make their money – but some are just in it for profit. – and sonnies’ is not.


  4. here are a couple links for things to peruse as you think about restoring your body terrain…
    and I love most things from now foods – which I get at lucky vitamin (nicely priced and free shipping).


  5. wanted to add this – because baking soda helped two people I know to heal their tummy of something… and I used it a bit last summer for alkalizing my boyd – not too much – and sometimes used it with borax for an enema (sorry – not to sound gorse, but we are big girls here, right). and whew, this is wonderful stuff to use for healing and balancing the inner body. 🙂

    from Ty Bollinger’s cool research blog:

    Amazing Baking Soda!
    Bicarbonate of Soda (aka sodium bicarbonate, NaHCO3, and baking soda) is a simple low-cost substance that is a useful remedy for a variety of ailments and chronic diseases. Discovered in 1840, baking soda (not to be confused with baking powder which typically contains aluminum) is a proven treatment for flus and colds, and recently this amazing substance has been in the “spotlight” as doctors like Tullio Simoncini and Mark Sircus have used it to treat cancer patients.

    Perhaps the success is due to the fact that baking soda floods the cancer cells with a shockwave of alkalinity and oxygen, thus reversing the hypoxia (lack of oxygen) which is always associated with cancerous tissue. Or perhaps it works because a comparison of cancer tissue with healthy tissue indicates that cancerous tissue always has a much higher concentration of toxic chemicals and pesticides than normal tissue, and sodium bicarbonate possesses the property of absorbing heavy metals, dioxins, and furans. Perhaps it’s a combination of the two.

    Baking soda has a plethora of additional uses. Baking soda is commonly used as an antacid for short-term relief of an upset stomach, to correct acidosis in kidney disorders, to “alkalinize” urine during bladder infections, and to minimize uric acid crystallization during gout treatment. It is frequently used to purify air inside refrigerators. We’ve all seen the opened box of baking soda in the fridge door, haven’t we? Keep a container of baking soda in your garage as well as in your car to put out a fire, since it will extinguish a fire without damaging anything else it touches. It also works as a deodorizer for carpets and other materials and can be used for laundry and as a household cleanser (when mixed with vinegar). The baking soda/vinegar mixture will even unclog drains! And if you have itchy bug bites, try using a poultice of baking soda and vinegar.

    Get rid of those toxic antiperspirants and replace them with baking soda. The same goes for those fluoride-filled toothpastes. Try brushing and cleaning your teeth with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Yes, baking soda is one of the most versatile substances that everyone should have in their medicine cabinet.

    (my note – just keep in mind that it is only one small part of rebuilding the body terrain…)


  6. this is also some helpful info about weight watchers….
    because after the other blogger mentioned it I researched it some more and realized I am more opposed to their philosophy then I thought – I disagree with most of WW suggestions.

    “Weight Watchers helps people lose weight by restricting calories, and healthy fats. They promote a starvation diet with an insane amount of low-fat processed foods that contain toxic ingredients like aspartame, canola oil, and butter alternatives like smart balance (and much more). Restricting (starving) your calories will damage your metabolism and deplete your hormones. You can’t starve yourself forever, so your very likely to gain it all back.
    Following the Weight Watchers plan can help you lose weight, but you you will pay the ultimate price with poor health. And your skin and hair will suffer too.
    10 Reasons Weight Watchers is Bad for Your Health
    1. Weight Watchers promotes sugar-free diet drinks made of chemical concoctions of aspartame, and artificial flavors.
    2. Calorie restricting/low-fat dieting damages your metabolism and depletes your hormones
    3. Weight Watchers promotes & sells their own brand of processed junk food that is full of toxic, disease causing ingredients.
    4. Weight Watchers encourages you to snack on processed foods (think low-fat yoplait, and 100 calorie snack packs) instead of healthy, whole foods.
    5. Weight Watchers promotes junk food like candy, pizza, and fries – as long as they are with in your daily points, eat as much as you like.
    6. Weight Watchers endorses some of the most unhealthy food on this planet like microwave Jolly brand popcorn, Progresso light soups in aluminum, BPA cans, Green Giant microwave veggies in a toxic “cheese” sauce, and more.
    7. Weight Watchers tells you that healthy, traditional foods like butter are bad for you
    8. A sample meal from Weight reduced calorie white bread pb&j sandwich and fried potato chips. Only 11 points! (that’s just wrong)
    9. Weight Watchers promotes lean meats, but the most nutrition is in the juicy, fatty cuts.
    10. Weight Watchers has an entire book dedicated on what to eat at fast food joints like McDonald’s, and Taco Bell – as long as they are with in your daily points…

    Although Weight Watchers is successful at helping people lose weight, they lack real, healthy food knowledge a lot of the time.

    more here:

    Things you can eat on a real food diet and still lose weight (and GET HEALTHY)

    Butter, coconut oil
    Full fat milk and some cream
    Steak, roasts, and dark meat chicken
    Yummy treats baked with coconut and/or almond flour instead of grain flours. (maybe even some cocoa powered mmm)
    Unlimited fruits and veggies
    Homemade soda (water kefir, kombucha)
    And MUCH more…

    Make sure you watch this video and learn about the damaging effects of low calorie, fat restricting dieting.

    (A low fat diet is only good for certain blood types, but most people get sick because they have cut out the good fats!)

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    • Thank you so much for taking the time to post this wealth of information regarding Weight Watchers.

      For me, I’m not following any “diet”, I am just incorporating common sense to my lifestyle by cutting out things that I know are bad for me – like sweets (cookies mostly.) The other lifestyle change I’m doing. which is common sense, is adding activity to my otherwise sedentary lifestyle and increase my vegetable and fruit intake. Nothing drastic, just common sense changes. 😀

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  7. I wish you the best in this!!

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  8. I’m using Fitness Pal an is a awesome way to check your calories

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  9. Hi Swoosie-Q! thanks for the replies – I was actually thinking about the biggest things I learned over the years – but especially last year –
    and here they are – just to chew on.
    All restorative wellness needs to repair the immune system – and in our culture that is so high sugar (and not judging cos it is what it is in our culture) but because we have such high sugar from adolescence in feeds systemic candida in many folks – esp. women. and then add to that subtle metals and various microbes from our water supply and just from living. and then add dental work, travel, containers, mistakes from companies when they make products – and so over time the mucosa lining gets clogged and does not work right – leaving us vulnerable to infection.

    And so repair the immune system it will of course vary person to person – depending on the build up and microbial exposure we each have had. Many times our country does not want to talk about parasites because we think it is just a 3rd world country prob – when they are a major reality in our culture – especially with all the international foods we now ship in and eat – and so IMHO – I think a para cleanse is of utmost for all – but especially those healing. and forget testing for parasites cos many stay dormant or leave no trace – it takes herbal elimination (or using silver and mms and msm) – because they can be stubborn.

    but the thing that was missing for me was nutrients to restore the immune system. I did really great with killing microbes and cleaning out the intestines (wonderful Sonne’s bentonite clay with psyllium – called P & B shakes) changed my life in 2002 – and well, the part missing for me was finding the right supplements to actually restore my body terrain – because lots of vitamin C was not enough – and I would try this and that (like spirulina – natural multivitamins, more good meats and more healthy fats – but I could only eat so many vegs- and the other things were fine, but not enough to fully restore) anyhow, the supplements from LOGOs-nutritionals really worked for me because they feed the body with specific nutrients that are also absorbable -(absorbability is everything) it also took time, and that is the thing is that in our culture we also do not realize something can take 2 years to fully store – like the immune function.

    But the great thing was it was natural and actually a joy because intead of limiting everything – going meatless – or trying to stuff another veggie down my throat – ulgh – I was able to slowly do this and that in a way that made life enjoyable – still enjoyed coffee – and the cookies or sweet snacks called to me less because my insides were more satisfied – and so it was a whole different approach – like offensive instead of defensive – and empowering and then when you feel better and better – and see the immune function improve – it is amazing.

    in closing, as I am sure you know, all of our bodies are unique and so it sometimes takes detective work – but what we all have in common with illness recovery is that at some point our immune system was overtaxed and was not able to function at its best – and so restoring the immune system – from the inside out – is key.

    and also adding healthy fats – people always want to look at a veggie or a fruit like it is the healing elixir – and while the properties are rich in those items – it takes healthy fats to deliver them – and it takes an un-congested intestinal tract to absorb them – and so eating healthy meats needs to be increased fro some people more than eating fruits and vegs – this sounds contradictory – but more meat also satisfies and satiates with calmness and peace (check out mark’s daily apple)- but instead we have these port people with clogged immunity – then limiting to unpalatable veggies and they wonder why they do not feel like exercising – they are unfortified. and speaking of exercising, real quick note on that – keep in mind that 5 to 7 minutes a day (or twice a day) can be HUGE for getting the oxygen flowing and helping the lymph do their work. and of course a 10 minute walk – but I have seen that folks get away from the small (potent) workouts because they feel exhausted all the time but also put too much pressure on themselves to do major workouts.

    okay, cheers to discovering what our body needs – but it really can be empowering to feel satiated and strong. 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


  10. That’s awesome! I’m also a breast cancer survivor (Stage 3C) of almost five years and am currently on a mission to lose 50 to 60 more pounds on top of the 30 I’ve already lost. I wish you much success! 🙂

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    • I’m so glad we found each other!! It sure is tougher taking it off than it was putting it on! I’ve lost 4 whopping pounds so far, but, have been less than active due to severe allergies making me dizzy. But, I’m behaving with eating healthy! 😀


  11. There is more power when you join a group. It is a great way to all stay the course and continue to encourage one another. Congrats on the decision and stick with it. Don’t make excuses, just do it. !! Keep us in the loop as to your progression 🙂

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    • My allergies are still killing me, literally! I’ve doubled up on my antihistamine but think perhaps that was not a good idea, feeling weird today but waiting for a callback from my doctor to tell me whether it’s safe to double up on those.


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