Cataract Surgery Left Eye

Friday, December 12, 2014, I arrived at the surgery center for my left eye cataract removal. My doctor was Dr. Brian Firestone of the Dean McGee Eye Institute. I was so pleased with every step of the procedure from admitting to final check-up, everything ran like clockwork.

Each medical staff verbally reviewed and confirmed any of my allergies and what procedure would be performed. The actual surgery was absolutely painless, unlike my previous cataract surgery when I could feel a sensation of tugging and was in pain on the drive home. Not this time. I was in no pain until the next morning when the extent of pain in my eye was limited to a sensation of being sore.

DbleVisionMy vision was cloudy for the first day and at my post-op visit, five hours after surgery, I was still under the influence of the relaxing “anesthesia” and my left eye was out of alignment with my right eye. I instantly became nauseated when the nurse removed the bandage and I opened my eye. A short while later, when my doctor came in to assess my condition and pressure, I told him of my concern and he explained that my eye was not only numbed prior to surgery, but paralyzed – the cause of dis-alignment and double-vision.


© Swoosieque
Example of central vision distortion after macular hole recovery

By Sunday, my vision was all clear and in alignment with my right eye, the blurriness I experienced from the cataract is gone and my vision, at least in my left eye, is back to its wonderful 20/20 status. My right eye however, will forever have the central vision distortion from the macular hole. The image above is an example of the central vision distortion through that eye. As my eye moves, so does the distortion, making it difficult to read. I am not complaining though, I am intensely thankful to Dr. Lance Scott for saving me from complete blindness in that eye.

Life is good!


11 responses to “Cataract Surgery Left Eye

  1. I am SO relieved it went well! I gather you did not get implants, just had the cataracts removed? It went like that for my husband too … like your second surgery, but he got implants so there was a bit more follow-up, but not much. When it goes well, it goes WELL. So are you finally finished with this particular set of surgeries? Can you just enjoy the holidays now? I’m hoping you get to curl up with a warm blanket and some twinkling light, maybe a sentimental movie or an audiobook and relax. Time to kick back and let go for a bit, don’t you think?

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    • Thank you so much Marilyn! They put in some kind of lens, nothing special, not a corrective lens. I might be wrong. The card that I have to carry with me for both eyes are “patient lens implant identification” cards. My left eye is at +21.0D power and my right eye is +21.5D.

      I have another follow-up 3 weeks after the surgery and that’s it…. Except I do have one more visit, with a plastic surgeon to assess my botched reconstruction.

      I’m so tired of these medical issues and I want to go to work. Really! I want to be out of the house and among the living and breathing and working people. Meanwhile, I’m going to start celebrating survival and the year’s end with a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows!


      • By the time I got hit with the cancer, I was too old to go back to work. And frankly, I didn’t want to any more. Too tired and too fed up. There’s no way I’m dragging this aging carcass up at the crack of dawn to go do someone else’s bidding. I hung in there until I was 61, at which point it just became obvious that it was over, like it or not.

        Ask about the lenses, if they have any corrective value. I bet they do. Maybe not a substitute for eyeglasses, but some kind of correction going on.


  2. So happy everything went well for you :-). I had both eyes done quite awhile ago. I have the implants and wear trifocal glasses. I thank God everyday that the surgery was available. I had 20-20 vision and then, boom.. just like that the cataracts invaded and I could hardly see as it was so cloudy.. Thank goodness for technology!!! Our sight is so important and I am thankful that yours has worked as well… Now you can enjoy the holidays!! Merry Christmas 🙂


  3. So glad everything went well. Great news!!!


  4. Great news! Very happy for you that all when well!


  5. glad to hear it went so well and that your vision in that eye is 20/20 – yes!
    have a nice weekend ❤


  6. Phewww, So happy all went well. I have been away on hiatus cuz of exams so didn’t get a chance to catch up here. Happy holidays. Hope the Christmas preps are in full swing 🙂
    Much Love,
    Zee ❤


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