My 50 Pleasures – Cee’s Share Your World

Cee’s Share Your World – Week 47. Since this is Thanksgiving in the USA this week, I thought I would celebrate all week. There is only one question this week and here it is. I haven’t made a list like this in a long time. I used to do it fairly frequently. I hope you want to play along! List at least 50 Things You Enjoy. Here are some categories to inspire your thinking.

  • Activities
  • Restaurants
  • People
  • Foods
  • Games
  • Drinks/Beverages
  • Desserts
  • Paintings
  • Web Sites
  • Writers
  • Famous lines from books/movies

This seems like a tough challenge because I think my life these days is fairly boring. Let’s see… My List of 50 Things I Enjoy:

  1. Campfires
  2. Reminiscing with my sons
  3. Skyping with my children and their families
  4. Visiting with my children and their families
  5. Raking and burning leaves (although those days are gone, due to my bad back)
  6. Romantic dinners – haven’t been on one in 40 years
  7. Yukon Jack at a campfire
  8. Girls’ night out (haven’t had one of those in 10 years)
  9. Pain-free days after a lumbar epidural steroid injection
  10. Talking with good friends on the phone
  11. Blogging and visiting my blogging friends
  12. Someone else cooking dinner
  13. Cuddling with my cat (which is only a dream because she is not the cuddly- type)
  14. Someone else cleaning house (that’s another dream)
  15. Having energy (this is a rarity)
  16. The Beatles, The Bee Gees, Joe Cocker
  17. Laura Branigan, Queen, Dean Martin
  18. Canadian Tenors, Leonard Cohen
  19. Timothy Dalton, Sean Connery
  20. Falling asleep watching Ancient Aliens (I have the first 5 seasons)
  21. Twilight Zone, Leave It to Beaver, Columbo
  22. One Step Beyond, The Outer Limits
  23. Someone else cooking dinner (I can dream can’t I and yes, this is a duplicate)
  24. Someone else cleaning house  (I can dream can’t I and yes, this is a duplicate)
  25. Having someone else manage our household budget, preferably with some else’s money – legally
  26. I would enjoy inheriting a large fortune
  27. The books, Rascal, A Separate Peace, Wicked
  28. Kurt Vonnegut
  29. Sidney Sheldon
  30. Captains and Kings, Taylor Caldwell
  31. Some of James Michener’s books
  32. Clear, starry nights
  33. Pool parties (been a long time, but they were fun)
  34. Clean bedding after it has dried outside, on a sunny, windy clothesline
  35. The smell of sunshine in a child’s hair (yes, sunshine leaves an unforgettable scent upon children)
  36. The laughter of a toddler learning something new
  37. Wet, slobbery kisses from a toddler
  38. Wet, slobbery kisses from my dogs (not so much from the one who eats cat poop)
  39. A clean desk and office
  40. Daydreaming
  41. Chatting with friendly, professional medical staff
  42. Seeing clearly
  43. Watching Harry Potter (I have the whole collection, I love make-believe, special effects and wizardry)
  44. Cherry cheesecake
  45. Grilled cheese sandwich with a large chocolate milkshake
  46. Homemade lasagna (I’ll cook)
  47. Homemade Caesar salad dressing (I’ll make it)
  48. Law and Order (the original series)
  49. I enjoy honest people
  50. Most of all, I enjoy living!

DAY 25



20 responses to “My 50 Pleasures – Cee’s Share Your World

  1. Such a wonderful list. Thanks so much for participating 🙂

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  2. These days, I’m with the folks who say “any day you wake up and get out of bed is a good one”. And hey, LOOK MOM, no cavities! I went to the dentist and got out with what’s left of my teeth. Now THAT is a victory!

    I am looking forward to MY injections. Two weeks to go!

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    • Lucky you! I ordered a tens unit and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. Have you ever used one? I’m supposing even if you did, it didn’t help much otherwise you wouldn’t be going for the shot.


      • P.S. If nothing goes wrong next year,my teeth will be next for check-ups and work. 😯


      • I haven’t tried a TENS. Pricey for something that might not work for me. I do know people who have had success with them, but they have different problems. It may work better for some problems, some people, than others.

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        • The nurse at my Pain Mgmt. Dr.’s office sold me one for over 200, with attachments – said it’s medical quality. I checked Amazon and ordered the e-x-a-c-t same products for 60.00.

          When I get a chance, I’ll post photos of the one which was sent to me for $200 (I returned) and the one which I will be receiving sometime this week or over the weekend.

          Yes, sadly there is not one cure-all for every back pain/problem.


  3. Ah, campfires and clear starry nights sound so blissful right now. 🙂

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  4. Great list, Swoosieque. I like a lot of those, too, and my husband and I have gotten the kids into The Beatles. Recent birthday cake for kid #1 was Yellow Submarine-themed. Also, I will no longer complain (so far, it’s been an internal complaint) about not having a date night with my husband in a year. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving (and my wish for you is that someone else is cooking . . . ). 🙂

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  5. Perfect list Swoosie! 😀 As you say enjoy life!

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  6. Daydreamers….UNITE !!! 😀

    Such sweet post, Thanks for sharing all this positivity with us all Swoosie 🙂

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  7. I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster award as i really love your blog.
    The rules and what to do next can be found at


  8. I like your list and could relate to so many – (esp. lasagna if you’ll cook – and then honest people – oh yeah) well hope you have a great thanksgiving 🙂

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  9. I did have someone clean our house for awhile (although quiet a few years ago) it was heavenly. I adored your list. Thanks for sharing.

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