Daily Post Prompt Attention!

GREAT NEWS!!! The Daily Post Prompt is not linking anyone’s posts this morning, despite 25 bloggers having clicked “like” which I usually interpret as their having participated with posts. This tells me that the staff at WP is working on the problem which so many of us have been having with our posts not linking back.

Here is a link to a discussion on the WP Forum regarding this problem: FORUM LINK.


25 “Likes” ZERO Responses (Links)


Update: 116 participants, “Likes” ZERO Responses (Links).


DAY 24




10 responses to “Daily Post Prompt Attention!

  1. I’m glad I read YOU first !

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    • I am just glad that Timethief has been responding to my posts at that forum. It does look like they are tending to this problem which I had believed was a bigger problem all along than just my little blog. I am wishing them good luck! 😀


  2. I don’t know — I don’t think much of the people who run this thing, honestly. I think they’re too busy with beep-boop-bop and “Howdy! How can we help you?” to pay attention.

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  3. Another thought is, why have they not put up an announcement at the Daily Post Prompt? Or, have I missed something? Other than the forum posts, I don’t know that this is mentioned anywhere else.


    • This has happened a bunch of times before. WordPress either fixes it, or not. They never put up a notice and rarely acknowledge there IS a problem. This is just like previous times. It hasn’t happened since September (I think), but it was a common occurrence last spring. They really don’t care how we feel about it. I used to get all bent out of shape, but I think they are going to eliminate the daily prompt at some point soon. It is important to us, but it is NOT important to them.

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      • I wasn’t aware of the previous times, but I wasn’t trying to write daily then either. Oh well, you’ve definitely got the right attitude – don’t get bent out of shape.


      • Did you see the reply Timethief wrote on the forum to you? Did you follow her link to the announcement? This is incredulous – the new link is “closed to comments!” Unbelievable!


        • Yes, this is why I said not to count on them. They really DON’T care. It’s policy. Fewer than half as many bloggers participate now as last year at this time. I don’t think it’s an accident and they do NOT like being called on their bullshit.

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          • Surprise, surprise, not really, it’s looking like today’s prompt links are working, although there are only 7 participants at this moment and 10 persons who clicked “like.” I wonder if there are 3 “likes” whose posts were not linked.
            I think your overall conclusion is correct, like the “thumb in the dyke” as a solution.


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