Day 6 No Linkback – Daily Post Prompt

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Spinning Yarns, today is the sixth day that my posts have not been listed on the prompt site, and that is my response to today’s prompt.

Since I first created a post about this problem, some of my blogging acquaintances have also joined the conversation because they are having the same problem. If you are having a problem with your Daily Post Prompts not linking back, please join the discussion at the Word Press forum here.

If you are having the same problem, please re-blog this post on your blog so others, who are having the same trouble, may alert WordPress staff this is not a minor issue.

Those of us who are having this problem are not new to blogging, nor new to linking to the Daily Post Prompts. Some of us are actually “html” literate.

WordPress, please fix this!


DAY 23


4 responses to “Day 6 No Linkback – Daily Post Prompt

  1. I’ve had other problems on wordpress too. Hope it’s resolved soon!!!

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  2. There’s something odd going on because mine came up twice, as two separate stories. You really need to write directly to them, you know. This is not affecting everyone like previous problems did. I had no trouble posting — except it posted twice. It may be something to do with your blog and probably can be easily fixed.

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    • I wrote to them at the forum and there is a thread for this particularly and actually, when I look back at when this thing began for me, it was a day when one of my posts duplicated at the Daily Prompt.

      You are right, I think I have to write to them directly.


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