Disco Daze and Insurance Haze

The most absolute best days of my life, the good old days, were when my first three children were youngsters, ages five, four and newborn. Those were my good old days.

Disco was still around which for some of us was great fun and exercise! My husband and I would make a date at least once a month to go to dinner and then dancing at the discotheque in town. Girls still wore dresses and guys wore dress pants and nice shirts, some guys even wore masculine necklaces. My guy had a gold chain that I gave him for Christmas one year. We were disco chic!

Those were the good old days in my little world, filled with the wonderment of little boys as they discovered the universe around them. Watching their eyes light up when they saw their first electric train set chug along the dining room table was priceless.

Holidays were the best. I always made them “dress up” for dinner, a custom they still practice and to which their wives were attracted, along with good manners.

As much as I like this prompt and the memories which are dancing around in my mind, the majority of my mind is occupied with what’s simmering on the stove and wondering if this claim for a new roof will go according to plan before our insurance renewal is due, and then I have to research all this health insurance crap because my health insurance sent me a notice and told me I need to change because my existing policy will no longer be in existence. I hope that’s for the better. I’ll find out within the next few days.

So, remembering the good old days will have to wait until these current, stress-filled days are lightened and I can relax and write in earnest.

These thoughts inspired by: Daily Post: Salad DaysIs there a period in your own personal life that you think of as the good old days? Tell us a story about those innocent and/or exciting times (or lack thereof).



DAY 18



9 responses to “Disco Daze and Insurance Haze

  1. I had a Blue Cross bargain plan for 2014. All that heart surgery? All that time in the hospital? Visiting nurses?

    Total out of pocket? $20 for the visiting nurses.

    You might want to check them out.

    Medication is a different story, but it’s not bad at all. And it costs me $46/month.

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  2. $46 including the prescription plan AND the medical.

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  3. Those days were the best!

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  4. As I said! Even the music were great 😀


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