Daily Post Problem

This is it. The start/stop of where the Daily Post somehow double-posted one post of mine. From this point onward, they are NOT including my posts on the Daily Post Prompt site even though my Linkbacks are correct.

I have regenerated all of my links from this point forward – to no avail. Now I am re-writing this post, which was an identical, duplicate post on their DP Prompt page. Maybe duplicate text body is somehow screwing things up. Who knows? I’m just sick of this!

Why can’t they go back to the original way this was? What an idea it would be to have a system that WORKS without frustration for its participants. But, they “know better” and will continue to screw around with their genius coding while some of us simply grow frustrated and tired of their childish attitudes that it’s going to work their way or you can go home, kind of like those stories told of spoiled kids… I’ve said enough.



3 responses to “Daily Post Problem

  1. Your cat sounds like my kind of critter. Our dogs are forever freaking out about invisible whatevers. I have no idea what they see or think they see or hear or smell, but whatever it is, we see … NOTHING. The bark ferociously, run around getting crazy … AND THERE’S NOTHING THERE. Or to put it another way … whatever.

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