Cee’s B&W – Lines & Angles

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Lines and Angles

During a winter snow storm a few years ago, I snapped this photo out the front window and thought it might fit with this theme of lines and angles, there are some really terrific participants here! Really, in mine, there aren’t any angles other than the blinds against the window, but, I thought it might work.


© Swoosieque




DAY 16


15 responses to “Cee’s B&W – Lines & Angles

  1. It looks cold and snowy. Your photo has great lines for this week’s challenge. Thanks. 🙂

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  2. I like black and white photography – I don’t do enough of it, perhaps because I did it so much of my life (I’m 61, and most of my life was spent in the world of film). Nothing like black and white to convey mood.

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    • We’re the same age! When I got my 1st camera, a Brownie, all I could afford from chores, was B&W film and its development cost. I agree, B&W conveys a definite mood, one I still love.


  3. Nice! I have blinds too, but they are fuzzy with dust. I think dust collection is their function on this world.

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    • I washed mine before I went in for my mastectomies. They are nicely growing fuzzy since then. 😉


      • I actually made a good faith attempt to clean them the other day using one of those Swiffer dusting thingies. After that failed, my son tried the shop vac. Then we gave up, washed the curtains and left them to gather more fuzz for another few years. Our are 72 inches long and made of wood, so they are entirely decorative … far too heavy to actually move, but they LOOK GREAT. If you don’t look too closely.


  4. I like the way you used the blinds to create the lines!

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  5. a great shot!! I like looking through the window at snow too. I like your choice for lines and angles!

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  6. I love the picture. I actually get the feeling of winter by just looking at it. Maybe because it is in black and white and it reminds me of what a cold, snowy day used to feel like when I lived in Canada.

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  7. The blinds work great for angles and lines, I think. Plus, it looks so beautiful (and cold) outside that window!


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