AB’s Awesomeness Award – Thank you all

I love everything about Ab’s blog and now, he’s done it again – issued an award to all of his “awesome” followers. Honestly, if you haven’t checked out his blog, it’s worth your time. I am hooked!~ Swoosie

Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

This is dedicated to all of you my diehard readers/serial likers/skimmers/supports and general passerby bloggers. Thank you so much, you have been given AB’s Awesomeness Award, You are amazing, you deserve lot more in life and it will be yours, keep trying.

I don’t want to embarrass you all by names, but you know who you are. I also nominate you for all the wonderful awards I have got so far, you all deserve this.

No rules, a simple request, if you like this concept then reblog this (only if you do this normally) otherwise just sit pretty and enjoy Sunday and every other day of your life and please laugh a little everyday, it helps prolonging your wonderful life 🙂

I thank you all again for just making my life amazing. Stay blessed and keep smiling.

Since last time here is the update for those wonderful supporters, I have…

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5 responses to “AB’s Awesomeness Award – Thank you all

  1. That’s the only kind of award I like these days. The other ones make me feel like a spammer. Congratulations! Well deserved.


  2. Hello there, been going through quite some of your post. Saw this one first obviously but wanted to read more before I commented. And this post you are very right, AB is an awesome person and a great writer. Today he posted something completely different than his usual but incredible poetry and it lead to a nice conversation even though we obviously didn´t quite agree in some things. A great writer and man.

    Now, to you! Which is what´s all about, since it´s your blog.

    First I just wanted to say that you are a very brave woman to share your experience of having breast cancer, hopefully it makes an impact on people, I´m quite certain it does actually, even me a man to read other post´s of yours and see how your taking it, you seem like a fighter with good humour which are some of the qualities I like about humans. Plus you express yourself in writing very very good. I humour because one of the post I read was one you where describing how your husband asked you to print suddenly there was problems with the printer and the way you described the whole thing even though you ended up saying you where tired because of some medicines, well you still had the will and power to keep going and write it in a light manner.

    I saw you where diagnosed in June, so I was wondering, if it´s not too much of an intrusion I was going to ask you how is everything going?

    Glad I stumbled upon you blog and if you don´t mind I´ll be staying around to do what I have coined “doing my cool stalker moves” quite a genius I am now that I come to think of it. Who comes up with those type of quotes….me.


    • I am so glad we found each other! And to your question about the cancer, that was in 2013, June. I was lucky and didn’t need chemo nor radiation, I just had the surgeries, for me a no-brainer decision, and take hormone blockers.

      I’m sure I’m a little different than before I was diagnosed, like, I don’t have anything to do with bullsh**ers, especially the ones I trusted and thought were my friends but were betrayed by them.

      I only write about health issues so that I have a place where I can keep track of everything and I have no problem sharing knowledge, tears, ugly photographs… I wish I had found a blog like mine before I went in for my surgeries. I would have been much better prepared for what was ahead.

      So glad to be in your genius company! 😉


      • Hold it, you did say genius being in my company so you at least had that right.

        About the rest of the comment, the only thing I can add to it is that I´m grateful, and a cooooooooool, yeah! ,sorry it´s 6.40 a.m here in Spain and I´m a bit buzz..xxxx,yyyyy, 😉

        I´m glad everything is going in the right direction.


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