Printers and Refillable Inks

My husband frequently asks me to perform jobs for the company where he works. I have designed 4′ x 5′ outdoor advertising banners, vehicle wraps, lettering and logo recreations for various service vehicles, researched, written and printed flyers and brochures as well as re-designed the main corporation site and its sister-companies’ websites.

At first, I enjoyed doing these tasks, I worked hard, went above and beyond, hoping to create a position for myself within the company. Alas, a permanent position never became a reality and I found myself less and less interested in performing jobs for that company at slave-labor wages. It was a difficult situation because I did not want to jeopardize my husband’s position.

It took a few years, but, I was able to back away and refer them to other companies who did the same services… and of course charged more, but, I was out of the picture. That felt good.

Occasionally, however, my husband still asks me to print things for him. And that is usually when my computer and any printer I ever had becomes possessed. No kidding. The printer can be working wonderfully, but the minute I need to print something for my husband’s work, either I run out of ink, or the printer is printing badly and needs maintenance… hours and hours of maintenance. That’s what happened yesterday when he needed twenty 4×6 photographs of a new work site printed.

I waited until after dinner to start my printing project. Bad idea. The streaks in the first print indicated clogged nozzles. I was also sure I was low on ink but could not remember the last time I filled the cartridges.

I gathered my towels, the ink syringes and bottles of cyan, magenta, yellow and black and began filling the cartridges. Test prints were still bad. I had to do more nozzle cleaning, then deep cleaning then print alignment, then more cleaning, print test patterns for gauging my progress. What a pain in the neck. I did not want to use photo paper for those prints, I hoped to use plain paper, but the printer would have none of that.

I placed my first photo quality paper into the printer, let it print and it came out 100% better than the paper quality one, but, if I looked closely, I could still see some lines. They were just going to have to tolerate the lines, I was out of ideas.

When I showed my husband the prints, he was satisfied with them and didn’t even notice the lines. Good. I was happy.

My printer is a Canon MX360, combination printer, scanner and fax machine. My old Canon, don’t remember the model, was my most favorite of all the printers I ever had, but, my cat killed it. I would print double-sided quite frequently and if I had left the room during a printing project, I would come back to find shredded paper and a crazy, black-eyed cat staring at me with the look of having just slain a fire breathing dragon.

My old Canon was easy to refill, bought the refillable cartridges online along with a few years’ worth of ink and that printer never gave me any trouble. The picture quality was incredible. But, my cat killed it and made me very, very sad.

When I had to replace the old Canon, I wanted a printer which would be easy to find refillable cartridges and ink. I have yet to find refillable cartridges for this MX360, so, I just re-fill the original cartridges and I know it’s time to replace them, but, at $50 for a pair of cartridges, I shall remain stingy……. uhoh…


DAY 14



12 responses to “Printers and Refillable Inks

  1. I love computers. I can make most computers do whatever I want. However: telephones, printers, and copy machines are all my nemesis. They hate me. The see me coming. This has been true since mimeograph machines.


  2. I just got a new printer in the last 6 months, because my old one finally quit recognizing cartridges. The new one takes up my entire desk. Fortunately, I use a laptop. πŸ™‚ I’ve tried using refillable cartridges, and I just can’t tolerate the leaking, the streaking, etc. Obviously, I’m not as good at it as you are. I just suck it up and pay for cartridges, to accommodate my standards and my OCD…

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    • I guess I’ve been lucky with the previous printers being able to recognize the refillable cartridges and giving good quality prints. This one will be alright once the ink settles into the sponges or whatever is inside the cartridges, but the quality is nowhere the level of my previous Canon.
      Thanks Debi! πŸ˜€


  3. I burst out laughing at the description of your cat! I am sorry you have some trouble days. We had a printer in the designers computer lab at the College I attended that, when it acted up (which was frequently and of course when everyone needed to use it to print their assignment for the next day) only one lady who could fix it.


  4. haha, I know the frustration well, when I was trying to make creative cards!! Hope it goes smoothly from now on- and put the cat out!!

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    • Hahaha, this printer won’t automatically print double-sided, I have to manually flip the stack of pages. Sigh… But my cat is still intrigued with it.

      Thanks for commenting Dune Mouse! πŸ˜€


  5. Oh boy… sounds like you got yourself into a good one. How does the cat feel about it? LOL Hmmm let’s see, cat / printer… just kidding, although I think Maggie Mae can help there, just kidding again.. On a more serious note I do hope you can find a printer that does what you want as it sounds like you do quite a bit of work on it. Take care and may your evening go a bit smoother :-).

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    • Aw, thank you, I’m sure if Maggie Mae and Opie met each other, there would be fur flying and my doggies would be jumping and running and playing (they’re accustomed to the “crazy one” and think everything is a game!)

      Life’s good, the ink will settle down and as long as I remember to keep the ink topped up, I shouldn’t have these problems anymore. πŸ˜€

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  6. Despite the bad mojo and frustration at the moment , it seems like you are an expert at this stuff ! Never knew about this talent of yours πŸ˜‰

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