50 Word Sentence?

This is not a post for Daily Post nor NaBloPoMo, it’s just something I wanted to post, about a crazy twilight thought(isn’t that when one is between waking and sleeping?) that kept playing through my mind at 3:30 this morning.

“Can you write a fifty word sentence? Can you write a fifty-word sentence?…” This out-of-the-blue thought kept repeating in my mind until it finally changed, but not for the better, since I didn’t answer the first question about whether or not I could write a fifty-word sentence, my brain decided to up the ante, “Can you write a seventy-five word sentence? Can you write a seventy-five word sentence?” That’s when I opened my eyes, pulled on my robe and headed to the kitchen to start my one-cup coffee maker.

Normally, I have sleep problems because one or the other or sometimes both of the dogs go through periods of waking me at 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. That makes for a crabby me for the rest of the day, I do not do well with interrupted sleep. But, last night, I have no one or nothing to blame other than my brain and its wondering about a fifty-word sentence.

Another reason I may have awakened so early was because I had my second steroid epidural and was heavily sedated all day yesterday, even by 11:00 p.m., I was groggy and in a ‘happy place.’

Sometimes when I dream about numbers, I think about what the significance of the numbers mean. I haven’t yet pulled out my numerology book yet, I’m not that curious, especially since I am now growing tired and think that peaceful sleep may be right around the corner for me and my brain, in the form of a nap after hubby leaves for work.

The good news is that my back is feeling relief and even though I was up at 3:00 a.m., I couldn’t help myself, I started “doing” things around the house, things I could do quietly so to not wake my husband. That’s when I realized the feeling I felt a few weeks ago, that feeling of not being in constant pain. Oh, I just wish it could last forever.

So, back to my twilight-brain thought, what does a fifty word sentence look like? I scrolled through some of my past posts, copied and pasted some sentences into Libre Office to check word count, and found one from my Here Piggy, Piggy, Piggy response to a Daily Post. Here’s my fifty-word sentence:

He’s been in business at the same location for over thirty years, has a great reputation and is an all around nice guy. Sometimes Harry, my husband, will stop by Jack’s garage on his way home from work just to shoot the breeze, and that’s when the best story-telling begins.

I’m not going to bother looking for a seventy-five word sentence, my brain needs to get some sleep. I hope my subconscious will be satisfied that I actually found an exact fifty word sentence.

Oh, but, if you have a seventy-five word sentence you’d like to share, I’d love to see it!

OOOPS!!! My tired brain just realized that word count was truly fifty words, but in TWO sentences. Sigh… my eyes are drooping and my brain is drifting off into slumber land. Maybe I’ll continue looking for a fifty-word sentence when I wake up, maybe not. I’m still curious about anyone else out there. Do you have any fifty word, or longer, sentences? Yawn..

Changed my mind, going to use this for my NaBloPoMo, still too tired to write. Stretch, yawn, snore…


DAY 12



13 responses to “50 Word Sentence?

  1. A lot Great Authors wrote sentences that never seemed to end. Poe, Thomas Wolfe to name two. Just lots of clauses. They got away with it but I’m thinking I probably wouldn’t 🙂

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    • Me too, that’s why I was curious to look back at some of my ramblings and was curious about other bloggers. I can be long-winded, but, I guess not that much! 😀

      When is the shot for your back? How long of relief does it last for you? I’m in heaven right now and at least for ten days.


  2. So i am not alone in the world of late night thoughts preventing sleep! I’ll have to flip back and see how long my record sentence is.
    A one cup coffee pot? There is a joke in there somewhere i know it!

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  3. Woho, you found your 50 words sentence after all ! Hope you get good night sleep and feel fresh, much better.

    Have a glorious weekend Swoosie 🙂

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  4. here is my 75+ word sentence for you:

    Well I really think that Swoosieque has given a lot to the blogging community with her personal posts and seasoned variety of material that she is able to succinctly give us in each post; consequently, I find myself needing to pop on over for a visit to look around and read her latest sharing, especially if it has been a while without visiting her cancer is not pink blog, which, by the way, is what brought me here today. ☺

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    • okay, here is one more attempt – cos this is just a fun idea… 🙂

      I know that I love drinking green tea with some coconut oil added in because it makes the flavor more complex, adds oil for the brain, and it is just a tastier way to sip and enjoy tea on a brisk, chilly winter night; however, if the cup is too small and if the water is not hot enough to extract flavor from the tea or warm enough to melt the coconut oil, well we end up with tea flavored water that is greasy, shallow, and so tasteless that it makes me wonder why I even bothered to put on the kettle and whip out some tea in the first place.

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      • I love this! You did a fabulous job here! By the way, I have also, really, added coconut oil to my coffee, not green tea, and you are so right with the requirements!

        I still have to try this too, but for now, you answered my question, ‘what does a 50 – 75 word sentence look like? I wondered if it would be too wordy, but the way you wrote it, it is not wordy, it is necessarily descriptive. 😀

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      • well thanks for saying that (that they were not wordy) but I am not sure I would want to read a bunch of these kind of sentences, ya know? Imn fact, I find I like choppy. well not too much of that either – but I really hate sentences that are made more complicated then they need to be – this is not necessarily “long” sentences – but just the kind of writing where authors are either trying to show off or they write with ambiguous wording that leaves you rereading or frustrated (or both) like some text book authors can get that way. So as we both know – sometimes less can be wayyyyy more. 🙂

        and you should really try some green tea – I found some from Big Lots that is my favvvv ever -but most green teas are the same – and well, seriously – the taste grows on ya and then becomes a joy. Like their is a bitterness to a well steeped cup – and while I love my caffeinated coffee too – sometimes I just need something lighter – and then the antioxidants and all that – well it has also just been fun exploring teas the last few years – mmm and mmm – 🙂
        have a great day!


    • You are a sweetheart! ❤ And, if you recall, today I'm supposed to be paying bills but am procrastinating because I need to visit my blogging friends first. Priorities, ya know?

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