A Child’s Love Story

Daily Post: Fourth Wall – You get to spend a day inside your favorite movie. Tell us which one it is — and what happens to you while you’re there.

I want to be in a love story, I want my love story to be in a beautiful place, an innocent time in a person’s life. I want to ride the one-horse-sleigh, wearing my heavy winter coat and muffle with a blanket laid upon my lap to warm my legs as Grandfather guides the reigns while the horse trots through the snowy woods.


© 20th Century Fox

I want to help Grandfather, I will sweep the old cabin’s floor and help milk the goats and make cheese. I want one full, happy day in the movie Heidi, as Heidi…

The rooster’s crow was loud and piercing, it awakened me from a deep sleep, within a dream of running and playing with Peter on the mountain. I like my dreams now. Now that I am home again with Grandfather and all that business with Aunt Dete is finished, she cannot take me away anymore, no one can.


© 20th Century Fox

The smell of Wibele starts my mouth watering and I roll over, pulling the covers down, off my head. From the loft, I see Grandfather packing food and cheese at the table, he is humming a tune, it’s a sweet melody, a new one, one I’ve never heard before.

“Good morning Heidi,” Grandfather looks up at me with a twinkle in his eye while I crawl out of bed, “Do you know what day today is?”

“It is Saturday, Grandfather.”

“And what else is it?” He looked at me with daring eyes, as if he expected me to know what, other than Saturday, today might be.

I’m thinking hard, I’m thinking of everyone’s birthdays, Peter’s, blind Grandmother’s, Pastor and Fräulein Schultz, Klara’s, her father’s, even Andrews’ but I could not think of whose birthday might be today.

“Grandfather, I can’t think of whose birthday might be today. Are you sure today is someone’s birthday?”

“Child, who said today was going to be a birthday celebration? I did not.”

“Oh. Well then, what other kind of celebration could it be? I haven’t heard of anyone who is going to be married, so it can’t be a wedding, right?” Grandfather rolled his eyes in a slow, teasing manner at me.

“Oh Grandfather, I just can’t think of anything special that we would celebrate today. Please tell me, please.” Just then I remembered Little Swan and Little Bear, “Oh, I know, I know! It’s Swanly and Bearly’s birthdays!

Grandfather let out a loud gust of laughter and bent down, calling me to his arms. “No child, I am sorry, I have been teasing you. You could not possibly know what is special about today, but now, I will tell you.

“My brother, Johann has become a grandfather! His only son, Theodor has been married many years to Franziska and they have been barren, no children. Now, a miracle has come to the Hofmann family with a healthy baby boy to carry on the family name.”

“A baby boy!” The words came out of my mouth before I realized I was speaking. “What’s his name?”

“Hans. Hans Friedrich Hofmann and you will meet him in a few days and that is what is special about today! We are leaving for Frankfurt where we will take the train to Weissenburg. Johann will meet us there and we will ride in his carriage to his home. You will see many splendid sites and we will be in good company. There will be much laughter and good food.”

“Oh Grandfather! Let’s hurry! Let’s leave now!”

“Child, you are not dressed properly and have not eaten your breakfast. Come, sit now and eat, then we will visit with Peter and his Grandmother, I have made Wibele to give them in thanks for taking care of our home while we are gone.”


© 20th Century Fox

“Oh Grandfather, they smell delicious,” I said as he holds me in his arms, so warm and lovingly, “I just know Peter and Blind Grandmother will love them. And I wish every child in the whole wide world could be as happy and loved as I am this very moment.”


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  1. fell in love with this…


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