Keep on Knockin’ But You Can’t Come In

Daily Post: Circuitous Paths A stranger knocks on your door, asking for directions from your home to the closest gas station (or café, or library. Your pick!). Instead of the fastest and shortest route, give him/her the one involving the most fun detours.

Are you kidding? Even though I live in a fairly ‘safe’ rural neighborhood, I am an older female and I do not open my door to strangers, especially if I am home alone. If someone rings my doorbell, I go to the hallway and look toward the etagere which stands in the corner of the dining room where reflections of the front porch are clearly projected through the sheer curtained windows.

The dogs are already looking out the front windows, barking, snarling, growling, “Go away!” Further translations include, “We don’t want you here!”

Depending upon the persistence of the stranger, they do finally leave but not until they place a flyer of some sort in the handle of the storm door.


© Clipart Panda

Call me chicken or paranoid, but, I read and listen to the news, “bad guys” case neighborhoods and I refuse to be a victim.

Sorry Bud, try the next house.



9 responses to “Keep on Knockin’ But You Can’t Come In

  1. I can totally relate. I am not much on answering the door and my two dogs tend to scare people off, lol 🙂

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  2. Through the door, give him directions to the police station.

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  3. Big difference between that and intentionally misdirecting someone. BIG difference. One is self-protection. The other is just nasty.

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  4. Sounds like you make the sensible decision.


  5. Right, When my parents leave me home alone they give me 10000 instructions not to open door for a stranger, I mean C’mon I know that, I’m a grown up but no they still have to tell me ! 😛

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