Grandpa’s Wings

Daily Post: Reverse Shot – What’s your earliest memory involving another person? Recreate the scene — from the other person’s perspective…. I wrote this through a third party’s narrative.

“Zuzka, wave good-bye den come vit me, Grandma hez serprize fer you en keetchen.”

Zuzka was still kneeling upon the couch, watching through the rain-spattered bay window as her parents drove away.

“Do you think she knows what’s going on?” Zuzka’s Uncle Lee asked Grandma Anna.

“Naah, she ez child. She not know death.”

ovaltine2“Come Zuzka! Vee git Ovaltine ind coookeez!” Grandma knew the tempting power of every kid’s sweet tooth and Ovaltine with Salerno Butter Cookies were the perfect lure.

Four year old Zuzka hurried to the kitchen and climbed onto a chair at the table while Grandma warmed milk on the stove for Ovaltine and Uncle Lee poured the last drops of coffee from the morning pot. Taking his first sip, he swore, “Ach, to smakuje jak gówno! Idę do innego garnka.”

“Leesker! Step, she veell heeer yew!”

“She doesn’t understand what I’m saying, don’t you remember, they won’t teach her the old country language?”

“Here, Zuzka, cookeez ind hiit Ovaltine. Be kerfewl!”


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Even grown-ups play with
Salerno Butter Cookies!

Grandma watched Zuzka put her fingers through the hole in each cookie, she played ballerina, fingers dancing on the table when she suddenly spoke, “Grandma, why did Grandpa Rommki die? What does ‘die’ mean?”

Grandma and Leesker shot looks at each other, then Grandma spoke, “Grandpa Rommki go sleep fer leng time. He in Heaven now.”

“Grandpa’s in Heaven? He can fly?”

“Yah, Grandpa Rommki kinn fly noww.”

Zuzka’s face lit up with a bright smile. Leaving her Ovaltine and cookies on the table, she jumped off the chair, spread her arms like wings and pretended to fly around the kitchen.

“She be ok,” Grandma looked at Lee who nodded in agreement.



2 responses to “Grandpa’s Wings

  1. I’m am convinced I knew how to fly until all the grownups told me it was impossible 🙂

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