Ahead of my Time

Daily Post: Avant GardeFrom your musical tastes to your political views, were you ever way ahead of the rest of us, adopting the new and the emerging before everyone else?

Yes. I have been ahead of the rest of you several times. Like when I lived in Canada, in the two hundred fifty years old stone house. Even with oil heat and the original fireplace blazing, it would, sometimes become chilly. I would grab my robe, put it on backwards then curl up on the sofa to watch television. I did this thirty years ago. If anyone saw me, they would have thought I was crazy or lazy or … definitely not ahead of my time.

Do you know to what invention this behavior refers? The ®Snuggie! C’mon now, is it not just a long robe worn backwards? Would a long robe, worn backwards, not accomplish the same end? Gheez! To think, if I would have just held on to that idea for thirty years, I could be a millionaire right now!


© Snuggie

Ok, so maybe that was not a perfect example of avant garde, but, I was ahead of the ones who invented the ®Snuggie, heck, I was probably wearing my robe backwards before the inventor was even born!



5 responses to “Ahead of my Time

  1. Ha. I did it too 🙂 I still do because the Snuggies keep disappearing (dogs??) …

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