What to Do, What to Do?

Daily Post: Twenty-Five Seven
Good news — another hour has just been added to every 24-hour day (don’t ask us how. We have powers). How do you use those extra sixty minutes?


© Unknown – Google Search
Ok, so, a 13 hour clock gives me
an extra 2 hours. Couldn’t find a
12.5 hour clock.

Sixty minutes? Really? At this stage in my life, another sixty minutes is not going to make any difference to a typical day of mine, unless I am engaged in a renovation project of some sort, like painting a room. Yes. Any home projects I embark upon, I try to do on a day when my husband will be out of town and not come home for lunch, which he does daily. I love my husband, but, I do not always eat my lunch at lunchtime. I eat when I am hungry or when time permits if I am in the middle of something messy, like painting!

When my husband comes home for lunch, it reminds me of how life was, having a Kindergartner. I had to stop whatever I was doing. You might think my attitude is mean or unkind but, the truth is that my husband does not like when I start projects. He is the “macho” type, he has all the tools and equipment to do everything fast and easy… problem is, his projects take YEARS and most of them are still unfinished.


© Chaney Electric

So, yes. I guess I would like another sixty minutes in a day, a day when my husband would not be home for lunch and I could use that hour for whatever project I am doing. Come to think of it, I have a hallway light fixture that I bought and am waiting to replace, but, I don’t need a whole extra hour to do that, it’s only at most, a half hour job, same thing with replacing the receptacle in the guest bathroom with a GFI receptacle. I have no reason to not install those two fixtures after he leaves from lunch today. I will feel so productive, even without an extra sixty minutes!


© Swoosieque

*****UPDATE***** I decided to replace the old receptacle before my husband came home for lunch. I had an hour. Even with my fear of running into a “load” line, which I fortunately did not, I finished the job in less than half an hour. Everything works too! But, I’m pooped, so the hallway light will have to wait until tomorrow.




7 responses to “What to Do, What to Do?

  1. I think I said much the same … and hour? Bah. I need a week, a month … maybe a decade to catch up. And someone else has to do the cooking.

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  2. Sooo I guess the fixtures are installed now? 😀

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    • Actually, I honestly DID replace the GFCI before my husband came home from lunch. I found the circuit breaker but when I read the directions they talked about a “load” line in which case you’d better know what you’re doing. Uhoh!
      Anyway, I researched more and my old outlet was not/did not have a ‘load’ line, so it turned out ok and it even works! I tested the ‘test’ button and the ‘reset’ button! But, that’s enough for today – I’ll do the light fixture tomorrow, I’m tired now. ;0


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