Thar She Blows!

Daily Post: Counting VoicesA lively group discussion, an intimate tête-à-tête, an inner monologue — in your view, when it comes to a good conversation, what’s the ideal number of people?


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In my experience, it is not the number of people partaking in a conversation who make or break it, it is the number of blowhards. You know, the know-it-all, the one who interrupts any new thought introduced to the discussion. Common interruption statements typically begin with, “THAT reminds me of the time I…,” or, “When that happened to me…”


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Typically, in a social gathering in a group of up to eight people, when the blowhard shows up, the group begins to disperse quickly, leaving the blowhard to torment the last one or two persons who find it difficult to excuse themselves courteously.

Blowhards are true narcissists and are the ‘one’ too many in a group conversation.


2 responses to “Thar She Blows!

  1. You nailed it sister!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank Julia! I’m backtracking to old Daily Posts from when I first started this blog, to fill in the blanks.

      I sure hope you are doing well. I’m imagining that you are busy, busy, busy with work and life! 😀


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