No Bra Day for Breast Cancer Patients

Curmudgeon gave me this idea, read her post about the stupid No Bra Day event, which is held every October to celebrate… I don’t know what it’s supposed to celebrate… that women who still have breasts can live the day without a bra, let them flop around while they watch men’s eyes follow them? Or, is it to remind women who have lost their breasts to cancer that they may never again “need” a bra?

I wonder what she thinks about “No Bra Day”…


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What breast cancer really looks like.



20 responses to “No Bra Day for Breast Cancer Patients

  1. I saw a meme on Facebook the other day with the photo of the woman’s back as she twirled her bra in the air, and it said, “SUPPORT BREAST CANCER – Let the tata’s go free!” or something to that effect. I commented with, “Why on earth would I want to SUPPORT breast cancer? What I want to do is ERADICATE it!”

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    • Exactly! People just don’t THINK! They see ‘pink’ or ‘bras’ and yip, yip, yipee, they want to tell everyone how they “support”… breast cancer… ??? They have no idea what the hoopla is about. It angers me.

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      • I have just logged in to my facebook account and did a search for all “No Bra Day” things, I linked back to Curmudgeon’s article and mine too. My facebook account just might be banned after this, but, it’ll be worth it! 😀

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  2. Thanks Swoosique for the link. I don’t even know if the thing happens this year. I’ve managed to avoid certain Pink crap this season, miraculously. But the few times I do stumble on the stupidity, well, guess I made my feelings clear.
    Drive safe on you way to husband’s doc appt. Xoxo

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    • We literally just walked in the door and I told my husband that next time I have to do the driving, I am going to ask the doctor for a double dose of valium or something to knock him out!! I can see him in the corner of my eye, bracing himself, sitting stiff-legged. I actually made fun of him as we turned onto our road and told him he should see me fly a plane!! Hahahahaa… He asked to get out at the mailbox and walk the rest of the way home. 😉

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  3. I never heard of this event, but on the face of it, it certainly ranks up there with some of the stupidest Pink events. I can’t wear a bra t all since the heart surgery. My breast bone isn’t healed. I wonder if it ever will be. None of this just hanging around is good for my implants, but hey, I don’t have a choice, No bra day. Bah. Humbug.

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  4. I agree – stupid and “non-sensical”

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  5. For one I think that is very in-sensitive and stupid. Never even knew this day existed. Uughh.

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    • Thank you, most people with a brain realize the insensitivity of this stupid “celebration.” I’ve mostly seen it on facebook, I haven’t been curious enough yet to search wordpress tags, I’ll have to do that after I finish causing trouble on fb! 😉

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  6. Thank you for posting. I totally agree! I think people have good intentions but sometimes don’t think things through or miss the mark. I wonder who created the event and if breast cancer survivors could create an event or an awareness day what would it be? Thanks again!


    • I don’t know anymore, I mean the Pink Ribbon campaign was certainly successful and if women don’t have the message yet to get their breasts checked, I don’t know what would work, so, reminders to get breasts checked seems like a moot point anymore.

      I mean, the hospital where I was diagnosed sent me reminders every six months to get my breasts checked – which I didn’t have anymore! 😉 The testing facility will usually send reminders. There are enough “pink” reminders during October and actually, throughout the year, there doesn’t need to be a “new” event, especially one as insensitive as the “No Bra Day.”

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to reply thoughtfully! 😀

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  7. I saw it on my FB wall and I just stared at it thinking if I really wanted to post a reply saying how insensitive this campaign is and wondered, like you, how such an event would help. And it doesn’t and won’t!

    I ended up ignoring it, but you said exactly what I wanted to say!


  8. I know what you mean, I think that has cancer has affected us each and every one of us in some way. I think it is about creating awareness but I think the campaign as well as the wording needs to be revised!


  9. I totally get what you are saying. Something similar (not exactly ) happens in the HIV/AIDS awareness days

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