Oncologist Update

On September 3rd, 2014, I wrote about my visit with a new Oncologist whom I wanted to take over my case due to my fear of driving the 1.5 hours to my original Oncologist, Dr. Lara Theobald at Integris Cancer Institute in OKC. My husband had been taking me to all of my appointments but is having severe health issues of his own and can no longer take time off work to chauffeur me, he needs his vacation days for his own health appointments. I thought my only option to continue with oncology care was to find an Oncologist closer to my home, within a driving distance I could handle without having a panic attack.

My primary care physician referred me to an Oncologist within Saint’s system, of which he is a member/employee, they are not supposed to refer to doctors outside of the system to which they belong. So, that’s how I ended up with Dr. Ty Nguyen and experienced the worst visit with a doctor EVER!

Since calming down, it took me a few days, but then, a brilliant thought occurred to me, why not contact Dr. Theobald, my original Oncologist, and ask if Integris has a courtesy, shuttle-type service for people like me who need help getting to and from their Oncology appointments.

Integris was a god-send! Honestly! The Concierge spoke with me, Dr. Theobald’s nurse spoke with me, another woman (sorry, cannot remember her title) spoke with me while they all coordinated to set up my long overdue appointment with Dr. Theobald and arrange transportation.

This hospital is a class act! They understand that persons experiencing cancer have enough to worry about without concerning themselves with how to get to their appointments or worse yet, cancelling their appointments because they have no transportation.

integris-cancer-institute-of-oklahomaMy life is in the hands of my Oncologist and I thank God that I am able to continue with Dr. Theobald’s care through the outstanding services of Integris Cancer Institute of Oklahoma.

Thank you Integris Cancer Institute!



4 responses to “Oncologist Update

  1. I knew you would work it out 🙂 I’m very happy for you.

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  2. I’m so very glad this worked out for you, Swoosieque! It broke my heart to read of your troubles. How brilliant of you to think of the right place to call.


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