Hand-me-down Birthday

Daily Post – Hand-Me-Downs
Clothes and toys, recipes and jokes, advice and prejudice: we all have to handle all sorts of hand-me-downs every day. Tell us about some of the meaningful hand-me-downs in your life.


©Janet Kruskamp

I believe the prompt may receive more responses regarding material hand-me-downs, like perhaps, Grandma’s pearl brooch, or Great Grandpa’s pocket watch, Mom’s wedding dress, Dad’s gun collection, etc.. But I am not going to write about any sentimental, materialistic hand-me-downs today, especially today, because it is my birthday. I am going to write about me, as I am my own hand-me-down from last year and the years before that.

From all the past years of this life, I am filled today with hand-me-down memories, good and bad, hand-me-down knowledge, ideas and opinions that change from time to time as I myself grow and change. These hand-me-downs are intangible and, I think, are longer lasting than materialistic memorabilia. My intangibles may even be enhanced as time smooths out wrinkles of unhappiness and brightens joyful memories.

“And that’s all I have to say about that,” as Forrest Gump once said.  And now I have something to say about something else, off topic, that is still irritating me since I first read it… actually, I have a lot to say about it.

I like to write, I have always liked to write. I have had articles published and I currently write content for websites.

However, I have not written a book, nor do I believe I have quality stories within me for the all-time Great American Novel, as so many people believe of themselves. When I write here, on my blog, I am more often than not, writing beneath my skill level, the level where I used to write when the nuns were the judges of grammar, sentence structure, capitalization, punctuation… I write here for pleasure, for my own satisfaction and perhaps to find a few like-minded souls with whom to prattle. AND I believe that no one deserves to be belittled for their writing attempts.

How arrogant and narcissistic must someone be to publicly declare that many of the bloggers who participate on writing grids are not worth reading? One might think such a person is of the writing caliber of Stephen King! Not even close. That person needs a reality check.

If a writer needs to improve, the only way for the writer to improve is to practice, practice, practice and a good place to do that practice is at writing grids where he/she can not only participate but LEARN from others, from reading, from writing, writing, writing.

My unsolicited suggestion for anyone who is too good for the writing grids is to prove your writing skills by becoming an advocate for those lacking in writing skills. Be proactive rather than an unproductive snake. Hissssssss!




4 responses to “Hand-me-down Birthday

  1. Great advice! I really enjoyed reading this, and you did well with writing about non-materialistic hand-me-downs. Very unique.


  2. In the end, it’s not the “things” we got that matter. It’s culture, attitudes, ethics. They are the stuff that lasts a lifetime and gets handed down to the next generation.

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