Spice & Spies

Daily Post – Greetings, Stranger
You’re sitting at a café when a stranger approaches you. This person asks what your name is, and, for some reason, you reply. The stranger nods, “I’ve been looking for you.” What happens next?

CafeOlympicoPreoccupied with reviewing meeting notes, I sipped spicy green ginger tea on the cour pavée at Montreal’s St-Viateur’s Olimpico. Oblivious of my surroundings I paid little attention to the comings and goings of patrons until a smooth but husky voice pointed at me, breaking my concentration.

“Pardon me, what is your name?” His voice was like a slow burning incense with a sexy hint of European intrigue and it hung in my ears’ memory like a favorite, sultry, sexy, saxophone melody.

I raised my eyes to glimpse this intruder but quickly found my face following suit as I beheld the exquisite figure before me.

connery1“Susannah,” I mindlessly whispered not even realizing I had spoken. My eyes were transfixed upon the perfectly chiseled features of this man’s handsomeness. His brown eyes sparkled, reflecting amber shards of sunlight unlike anything I had ever seen.

“I’ve been looking for you,” the stranger nodded.

“Thank God you found me,” is what I wanted to say but good sense prevented me from making a fool of myself and melting all over him.

Eyes still locked with his, my fingers found their way to turning off my now unimportant notepad and its dry contents. My full attention had been diverted to this Elysian body before me. I remained dumbfounded.

“May I?” He motioned toward the accompanying filigreed chair at my table.

“Oh! Of course, please,” I gestured for him to sit. “What can I do for you?” I wondered aloud while my true thoughts raced behind curtains of my mind… “Hold your hand? Kiss your lips? Skinnydip in the Parc Lafontaine? Run away with you and live happily ever after?”

“Well,” he chortled, “actually, yes. You may run away with me and live happily ever after, that is, of course if you change the path you are on.”

“WHAT?” I screamed in my head! “Did he just read my mind?”

His carnal grin betrayed his own thoughts, and I knew that he had read my mind!

“Ummmmmm, uhh, ohhh…” I stuttered. Words, thoughts, logic escaped me. I was captured by his essence, swimming in the very delight of his presence. Nothing else mattered but the ‘now’ of whatever came before or whatever may come after.

His hands reached across the small table to softly encompass mine. Suddenly, the warmth of his spirit filled me with calm contentedness and my mind no longer raced. Clarity filled my inner being with a sharpness I had never known. Everything made sense suddenly. It was all clear. I was where I belonged.

He leaned inward, toward me, over the ginger tea, under the canopy of the elms. Our eyes met, my vision became blurred the closer his lips moved toward mine until they shut completely and his mouth met mine. A french kiss, in French Canada, at a French café… I wanted this to last. I wanted his words to be forever true, I wanted to follow the right path which would bring us to our ‘happily ever after.’

Alas, my fairy tale was about to be shattered as an alarming, screeching sound ripped through my head. Was it a vehicle accident? Was a plane about to crash? Were we in danger? No, it was the blasted alarm clock!

Shredded strips of my dream tore away as I slowly opened my eyes to yet another pair of brown eyes, staring happily into mine. His warm, wet tongue covered my face with excited kisses.

BuddyPup1Whatever path I took, there I was in my reality, not in French Quebéc, but in rural Oklahoma, not with Sean Connery, but with the best-est buddy a girl could have – my puppy.


2 responses to “Spice & Spies

  1. Nice. You’re probably better off with the dog. More loyal, loving, and trustworthy 🙂


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