Coincidence or Conspiracy?

It took me a long while to recover my nerves last night from being so angry with the Oncologist who lied to me yesterday, but I did calm down and had a good night’s sleep.

This morning, I performed my usual morning tasks of feeding pets, administering their medications, cooking breakfast for my husband and finally, taking my morning shower and dressing for an MRI which was scheduled for my lower back. My timing was good this morning, everything was running along smoothly and I had time to spare before needing to leave for the hospital, so I thought I’d spend some leisure time organizing tags in past blog posts. Then, the phone rang and I noticed from the caller id that it was the hospital.

Phone-Ringing1My first reaction was to let the answering machine capture the call, so I let it ring, and ring, and ring and ring… five rings and the answering machine did not pick up. Darn, the answering machine was turned off and I didn’t have my eyeglasses on; I could not turn it on because I could not see which button needed to be pressed. On my way to retrieve my eyeglasses, the home phone stopped ringing and my cell phone picked up where the other stopped. By the time I had my eyeglasses on, the call was gone, yet I recognized the number as belonging to the hospital.

Within a couple minutes, my cell phone beeped like it had a new voice message, but, there was no indication of a message having been left. I was growing paranoid that the doctor or someone from yesterday’s office visit was phoning to argue with me and I just did not want to deal with them, I did not want bad vibes on my mind while driving to the MRI.

While still processing everything, the home phone began ringing again, this time, with my eyeglasses on, I recognized my husband’s cell phone number and picked up. “Are you not answering the phones?” How the heck did he know I missed a couple of calls?

“Yes, I didn’t want to talk to the doctor or her staff from yesterday. I phoned this morning to cancel the October appointment and had to give a reason for cancelling. I figured that someone was phoning to argue with me.”

“Well, it was the hospital, but it wasn’t her office, it was the MRI Department. They cancelled your MRI for today, the machine went down. The girl said she left a message for you to call her back.”

“I’ve got the number, I’ll call her back.”

By this time, my mind was spinning with paranoid thoughts, did the hospital decide they will not tolerate trouble-making patients like me? Where will I go? What shall I do? Oh Rhett! … I just had to throw that last bit in there.


First MRI Machine
Dr. Damadian with patient in 1978

A quick phone call to the MRI scheduling Department cleared everything up. The girl apologized for the machine breaking down and for any inconvenience it may have caused. We re-scheduled for next Friday. Gee, now I had the whole day off today! I do not even have to cook dinner tonight! I could play on the computer all day long!

But, before playing, I tended to the Oncologist situation and left a message with Dr. Theobald’s nurse, Mark, explaining my dilemma of not being able to drive for appointments and asking if Dr. Theobald could recommend a free shuttle service (for cancer patients) OR refer me to another Oncologist closer to my home. I will wait until 3 o’clock and if I do not hear anything, I will call again.

Meanwhile, it’s off to visit my Bloggin’ Buddies!


2 responses to “Coincidence or Conspiracy?

  1. An unexpected day off is such a gift!


    • Thank you, yes! I do not have a conventional job, I freelance from home, but, with so much illness here between the husband, dogs and myself, it is rare to have a day without any appointments! It was a fun day! Today, I have some freelance commitments, shouldn’t take too long. 😀
      Thanks for stopping by!


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