Liar! Liar!

I am seeing red! I just got home from my visit with my new Oncologist at Saints hospital in OKC. She’s young, very serious – I cannot think of any situation which could make her crack a smile. But, I put any negative thoughts out of my mind due to her coldness and concentrated on her seriousness, interpreting her attitude as being exactly how one should hope their Oncologist to be – serious and paying attention.

Yeah. Right. She starts quizzing me on why I left my other Oncologist. I told her, as my body and voice started to tighten, that I am a terrified driver! I would have a PANIC attack if I were to blatantly take a wrong turn and end up on the expressway! My husband can no longer drive me, I must drive myself. I would have a panic attack if I had to drive all the way to Integris! I was not acting. But, I don’t think she believed me.

She then started asking me why I quit taking the estrogen blockers. I told her it was because I was losing my memory when I was taking them. I forgot to mention that Dr. Theobald had told me that my chances of having cancer recur were LESS THAN HER own, which was also an influence on my decision. There was no in-depth discussion about the risks of NOT taking those drugs!

Dr. Nguyen then examined my reconstructed chest, listened to my heart and lungs and looked in my mouth, then she told me to get dressed, she would be back in a moment.

When she returned, she said I could probably benefit from an ultrasound and that she would like to see me in a month AFTER she gets the records from Dr. Theobald’s office. WHAT? I had those records FAXED to her more than a week ago! Besides, during her questioning, she KNEW things she could ONLY KNOW if she had read Dr. Theobald’s report! Now what? Is this new Oncologist psychic too??? Damn, I am crazy mad!! She f#*king out and out lied to me about not having those reports!!!

THEN… she says good-bye and literally RAN out the door! What the hell? Were we done? I have NEVER had a doctor leave an office visit so abruptly! Especially on the first visit! No, “Ok, go to the front desk, the girl will set up your next appointment..” nothing! I felt like a blind person!

I decided to go to the front desk where one of the three girls looked at my account and said the doctor hasn’t closed today’s visit yet, that I needed to wait. I asked the girl if I did the right thing by leaving the office room. She said that yes, Dr. Nguyen has a lot of things on her mind and often times just leaves the room. Oh, ok. The girl also informed me that what it means when the doctor is “closing the day’s visit” is that she’s recording her notes and suggestions for any future visits or testing.

About 20 minutes later, the doctor was finished closing my visit. The desk girl made an appointment for me TWO MONTHS LATER as the doctor indicated in her CLOSING NOTES!! Not the original ONE MONTH which the doctor had told me she would do. There was also no mention of scheduling for an ultrasound.

On my terrifying drive home, remember me, the chicken driver? I kept wondering about the doctor’s claim that she had not received Dr. Theobald’s records. She had to have received them. She was lying to me, but why? Before I became any more paranoid, I would phone Integris Medical Records and speak with Kim and ask her to look at her records and tell me exactly when she faxed my records to Dr. Nguyen’s office.

After arriving at home and settling the dogs and cat, I phoned Kim at Integris. She remembered me and quickly found her receipts showing the fax to Dr. Nguyen’s office went through SUCCESSFULLY the very next day after my request. The fax was sent to Dr. Nguyen’s office on August 21st and showed as successfully delivered! No interruption. No disconnection. The fax went through!

Next, I phoned Dr. Nguyen’s office and asked to speak to her nurse, of course, I was given her voice mail. I left a message telling her that I was concerned because Dr. Nguyen told me she had not received my records but, I have proof that the records were faxed to her. I asked that she please call me back because I was concerned that my records were mis-routed somewhere else in the hospital.

When the nurse phoned back, she told me, and you’re not going to believe this, “We just received your records in today’s mail!” What the F#*K??? Are you KIDDING ME??? I received my own records from Integris two days after my request. You are NOT going to tell me that it took them TWO BLOODY WEEKS to MAIL reports to you, especially when Kim has the transmission report that the records were FAXED!!!

I am livid! I have NEVER in my life known a doctor to blatantly LIE right to my face! Wonders will never cease. Now, what the hell am I going to do about finding an Oncologist who isn’t an outright liar?! Good-bye Ms. Nguyen and good riddance!



18 responses to “Liar! Liar!

  1. Maddening! Riduculous runaround. As if cancer itself doesn’t present enough of a challenge. I’m pulling for you.

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  2. I would consider reporting this visit to the state Medical Board. And Angie’s List… So sorry you had to endure that!

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  3. OH! Thank you for that suggestion. I know my emotions are erupting right now and I need to calm down and focus that anger/energy toward a constructive action. Now I have one. Thank you Debi!


  4. I have been misdiagnosed, lied to, cheated, insulted and nearly killed by doctors. I’ve also occasionally had my life saved by others. I have, sadly, after all these years, concluded something I should have figured out a lot sooner. Doctors aren’t better than anyone else. There are a lot of scumbags, thieves, liars, frauds, incompetents and snake-oil salesmen in their ranks and if you spend enough time being sick, you’ll experience the whole gamut.

    How do you find a good oncologist? It wasn’t easy.. It took a couple of years of bad ones, ones who never kept the appointments, obviously didn’t care about me at all. I’ve had almost as hard a time finding a PCP — and my first cardiologist did his best to kill me and almost succeeded.

    My mother used THIS method and now, so do I.

    Find a good hospital that specializes in women’s health. Make an appointment with their top medical oncologist. Call the hospital and ask who that would be. You won’t necessarily get a convenient doctor or convenient appointment, but at least you’ll get a doctor who isn’t a liar and a fraud.

    All our good hospitals are at least 70 miles away. The local hospitals and most of the doctors are bad. Since I, like you, don’t really drive any more, Garry has to be drafted and I hate having to ask him. But I finally gave up trying to make it more convenient. That almost cost me my life a couple of times. You need a good doctor, a good facility, and the sacrifice will be convenience. That’s the way it is.

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  5. I don’t know why this is so shocking to me.. I agree, report her. I’m glad you were proactive about this situation.

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  6. Wow. I know you are right with how to find a good doctor, and why all the ones locally are usually bad. I wasn’t expecting this, I thought it would be easy, especially since I mad SURE that all of my records reached her office long before my scheduled appointment.

    I have such a headache.

    The first thing I am going to do is send a FAX to her office to cancel the upcoming appointment TWO months from now and give the reason as I cannot trust a doctor and staff who lie to me. I’ll follow up tomorrow with a call to make sure the appointment is canceled. Then, I’ll start my research. Damn, my stomach is bothering me now and I’ve got a headache.


    • Fax them, but call the office, too. Keep a record of your contacts.

      Don’t be surprised if they continue to tell you that you have appointments you KNOW you cancelled or never made. I had to THREATEN a cardiologist with a harassment suit if his office didn’t stop telling other doctors Dr. Brownstein was my doctor. He’s the one who told me I shouldn’t bother to deal with my cardiac issues until my heart failed. Turns out if I’d actually listened to the asshole, I’d be dead. Some of these doctors are just unbelievably AWFUL. And totally dishonest too.

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  7. Thanks Marilyn. Thank God you finally found a trustworthy, capable doctor and you are alive! I sent the fax to the office, the doctor probably won’t even see the fax or be aware of my cancellation. But, I will call, get names of who I speak with and cancel the appointment.

    Next idea is to phone my previous Oncologist and ask HER to recommend another Oncologist. I’m hoping that when I explain to her my reasons for needing to switch, she will be amenable. I’ll even ask if they have volunteers who would drive me to appointments so that I could keep her. Yeah, sure, someone who is going to drive 40 miles from Integris area to my home, 40 miles back to Integris for my appointments, another 40 miles to drive me back home and then the volunteer can go back to their home, another 40 so miles. Let’s see, 160 miles, just for me.


    • Around here, they have something called “The Ride” and it’s specifically for exactly this kind of thing. You have to schedule well in advance. Call the local senior center. They will know who provides transportation for medical appointments. You are NOT alone.

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  8. I am so glad I have you as a resource. Many, many thanks!


  9. That’s appalling. I am shocked by the blatant lying and evasiveness of this woman. Good thing you picked up on it straightaway because such things tends to be an ingrained habit. Can you get another oncologist? I ask because you have to have confidence in your doctors – and this one clearly inspires none. Good luck. xxx

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    • Insofar as getting another Oncologist, I’m going to try another tactic, probably what I should have done when I decided to switch. I’m going to contact my original Oncologist, whom I do trust, explain to her my difficulty in keeping appointments with her due to my inability to drive that distance and ask her to either refer me to another Oncologist whom she recommends OR direct me to a FREE service for cancer patients where volunteers will drive patients to their appointments.
      I know there are driving services such as this and Marilyn (above) also confirmed such a service. So… we’ll see.


  10. I hate long appointments… I wish to get to be treated kindly, you are too sweet after all.

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